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All of our course can be taken individually. Our goal is to make this content accessible for anyone who has identified they need to improve some areas of their lives. We do also offer coaching through these courses. Any course you see here offers support in the individuals learning.


Our favorite thing that occurs here at IGM is when an organization shows the leadership to realize that they can do more for their members. We meet with the organization and determine the highest needs and then help create a plan to meet those needs. We have several options for organizations. We are budget and time conscious and our programs are designed with both in mind. Contact us today to see how we can support your organization.


This is for individuals that want to be supported with the course curriculum. They can consist of a minimum of 4 courses and a maximum of 8. It can be combinations where we work with the athlete and parents. It is powerful learning that reinforces all of the curriculum . Meetings will be scheduled and held in our Zoom room.


Our memberships vary in the courses that are a part of them. We develop memberships based upon the learning of specific skills. In each of the course categories, you will see memberships that are available for families (where parents and athletes can take a course specifically for them) and organizations.

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