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Our Non-Profit Initiative
I Got Mind for Sports and Education

Our Vision

The vision of the team is to create a healthier society. Each person we help has the potential to influence many. The more people we can help understand what they need to do to become mentally well, the more they will become confident and aware.

Our Mission

We assist youth sporting organizations, the education sector and communities in understanding the importance of mental wellness, building healthy relationships and creating strong, successful cultures through our engaging curriculum.

Our Programs

The unique value that our programs provide are more confident individuals and groups. Our programs create healthier communities that understand the importance of supporting each other.

Our Team

Our team of facilitators range from clinical psychologists to former professional athletes. We pair our facilitators to each group based on the client’s background and organization.

Our Core Values


Our passion for helping others requires us to be mentally and physically healthy.


Much of the work is creating safe spaces to communicate; we focus on clear, concise and timely communication.


Our clients require the most up-to-date information so that we can support their learning. The better we are, the more we can effectively help our clients.

About The Game Changer Program

The Game Changer program aims to create awareness of the importance of mental health, build healthy relationships, and create healthy, productive cultures within the sports and education sectors. It also teaches our clients the importance of self-care, accountability and compassion for one another.

Target Audience

Our clients are youth sports organizations dealing with ages ten and up (including athletes, coaches and parents), and any primary education institutes, including students, staff, administrators, and parents.


What is Included (9 hours of learning)
1. Kick-off presentation (90 mins)
2. First online course with facilitation (2 lessons and facilitation sessions)
3. Second online course with facilitation (2 lessons and facilitation sessions)


Short Term
Clients are mentally strong and are capable of maintaining their well-being in the healthiest way possible. The culture within the team environment is healthy and positive. The clients and their organizations gain new communication skills and the ability to create healthy relationships. Clients gain skills in resiliency and hold both themselves and their group accountable for their actions.
Long Term
Clients exhibit stronger leadership skills, therefore enhancing the communities they are a part of.

Support Our Initiative

Empower Youth, Strengthen Communities: Help Us Achieve Our Mission of a Brighter Future

We invite you to join us in making a meaningful impact on the lives of young individuals through your generous contributions to our nonprofit organization. By supporting our cause, you empower us to foster personal growth, resilience, and well-being among the next generation. Your donations directly enable us to equip young minds with the tools they need to thrive both on and off the field, ensuring a brighter future for our communities. Together, we can make a difference that lasts a lifetime. Join us in shaping the leaders of tomorrow through the power of education and sports.

Common questions

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation where we will get to know you, your group and recommend which courses you should complete.

We offer our Game Changer Program to students as well as teachers and administrators. We also have PD Day presentations that equate to half a day of training.

For Athletes:

  • Confidence
  • Perfection is a Ghost
  • The Power of Attitude
  • Building Habits for Success
  • Stress Creates Skill
  • Leadership for Athletes

For Coaches:

  • Effective Role Modeling
  • Coaching the 21st Century Athlete
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The Power Differential
  • Developing Your Athlete’s Resilience
  • Creating Buy-In with Parents
  • Being Trauma Informed

For Parents &  PD Days

  • Setting Expectations
  • Understanding Your Child’s Feelings, Needs and Wants
  • Effective Role Modeling
  • Your Stress Becomes Theirs
  • Communication

Our Story

I Got Mind Inc. was created in 2008 by former NHL Defensemen and Life Coach, Bob Wilkie. Growing up playing hockey and eventually going to an elite level, the culture of the sport engraved unhealthy habits and memories for Bob. He was one of the surviving teammates of the 1986 Swift Current Broncos bus crash at the age of seventeen. He watched one of his teammates take his final breath and his life changed forever.

Bob’s trauma led him through a complicated playing career for the remainder of his time in the NHL. Bob struggled with alcoholism and the dependency he had developed as a coping mechanism and his mental health space was quite toxic due to his grief and unhealed trauma. This ultimately led him to leaving the NHL.

A short time after leaving, Bob began coaching hockey locally. Through his coaching, he realized that many of his young players were experiencing the same issues that he had come across in his career as well. Bob began to coach one-on-one sessions that led to him creating I Got Mind in 2008, where he focused on bridging the gap between positive mental health and the game of hockey. He also gained his mental training certificate under Bob Proctor. Since then, Bob has made it his mission to help players and teams in all different sports to focus on their mental health just as much as their physical health.

I Got Mind has expanded to help sporting organizations, businesses, educators, parents, coaches and individuals with the courses and programs that we offer. Two of the core groups that we work with, youth sporting organizations and the education sector, because our main audience to which we offered our services through. Due to both groups’ lack of funds and time, it became evident that they needed our support at a lower time and financial commitment. This led us to create our nonprofit organization, I Got Mind for Sports and Education.

Our Offices

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