Leadership for Athletes

The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members better. – Tony Dungy

About this Course

This course was developed as we identified that the young leaders we were working with had little knowledge of effective leadership. We compiled our experience, our knowledge and our strategies to share and develop young leaders.

This five lesson course dives deep into the characteristics of effective leadership, the myths and mistakes of leadership that are out there. We go through a self assessment as effective leaders know where they have to grow as a person and do the work required to achieve the change.

Lastly group dynamics are not taught to the young athletes. It is very difficult to lead a group, even tougher when you don’t understand the perspective and behaviors of others.

We address all of these topics in this course. The result, a more confident athlete who leads themselves and now has the ability to lead others.

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Leadership for Athletes


This is an in depth course that looks into what a leader is, does, and believes. This five lesson course will guide the athlete to developing the awareness and characteristics of an effective leader.

Too often young leaders venture into the unknown and it changes their behavior. This can lead to frustration and confusion. Self leadership is the most effective. Knowing themselves and how to improve and change is what will inspire others around them to do the same.

This is an in depth course to give the athletes what they need, insights to what effective and influential leadership consists of.

Personal Coaching and Course


Once the athlete has completed the course, the athlete can personally meet with Bob in a Zoom meeting to review all of the information, to ask questions, and to clarify any issues or confusion.

It is a great way to reinforce the teaching and come up with a detailed action plan that will be developed.

This fee covers the course and the coaching session.

Group Coaching and Course


This option includes the course for 8 participants. It includes coaching sessions after each lesson to help the athletes and coaches understand each other and open new doors of communication. It is a great option for coaches to participate with the leadership group.

Each of the lessons content can then be transferred to the rest of the team. The leaders can use the new skills to share with their teams and ensure that each is doing their part. In includes forms and processes the leaders will be able to implement with their teams.

If you are looking for a program that stimulates conversation, that builds trust and respect, an assists in creating solid action plans, then this is the course for you.