Building Habits for Success (athletes)

Creating habits for success - for Athletes

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Athletes must have productive habits in order to achieve the success they desire. Often they do not. There are many habits that they are unaware of that stop their progress towards their desires.

What we do dictates what we have, who we are, and what we believe. The conditioning we are subjected to as we grow forms all of our habits. These habits form something called a Paradigm.

How we are raised creates our belief system. This is our conditioning. What we watch, hear, and feel ultimately shapes us.  For much of our daily lives we are simply on auto-pilot.

The definition of insanity is “doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.”

This course will walk you through how our brains function, and how we can in fact change any behaviour that we wish. This dispels the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Our habits affect our well-being. If we have proper habits we can feel less stress, less anxiety and can manage depression. It is an important step to mental wellness.

This course is hosted by IGM founder Bob Wilkie, who will share his stories of how his habits both created and destroyed. He will guide you to a new understanding of what habits are, and will share a process in which you have the power to change anything you wish to.







Learning Objective

Introduce the students to the concept of conditioning

Introduce the students to why we behave the way we do

Introduce students to the 4 levels of learning

Develop skills to identify an area in life the student would like to change and create a plan of how to achieve that

Demonstrate how our perspectives can create new habits when we make the appropriate shifts

The Course Lecturers

As an athlete the habits that Bob developed both catapulted him to success and took away his dreams.

Bob will share this valuable information to help you understand the importance of proper habit development. There are many habits that you need to develop to ensure you achieve your goals.

Never under estimate the power of healthy habits.

Bob wilkie

Founder I Got Mind

Introductory Video to the course

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In this first lesson we will shed light on what a habit is and how they are formed. This lesson will provide many insights to your habits and how you have been conditioned. We will discuss how habits both create and destroy, and you will be required to do some self-reflection on the habits you have, and assess whether they are helping or hurting.


There is a process to implementing change. It is a simple process. The difficult  part is to manage yourself through the necessary levels to make the change.

Through this same process is how you have learned everything in your life, which also means that you can continue to grow and change with the proper dedication and direction.


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Habits Individual Course


This option gains you access to the course content. It is an in-depth look into our brains and how many of our habits have been because of our conditioning. It is a self-directed learning experience that includes a worksheet you can use to create a plan to change your habits.

Course and Coaching


This option provides access to the online course as well as a 1-1 session with one of our IGM facilitators. Once you have completed the course, you can book now on the menu bar. Then you will have a discussion about the material, how it effects you, and what action you can take to make the changes that will improve your life.