Sports Pysch Course Announcement

The Course

Sports Psych 1

In the first part of the course, the focus of instructors Bob Wilkie and Shawn O’Grady will set the stage for the students.
An athlete’s mental and emotional development is vital to walking a successful path. Many new experiences will be encountered. This can develop unhealthy patterns of behavior.
The students will be introduced to the importance of mental health and the five most important components to begin to grow.

Sports Psych 2

Part two of the course is where we shift the focus of character development to the importance of balance and perspective.
Any aspiring athlete needs to develop the ability to manage stress and pressure. This becomes possible when they have an awareness of themselves and their surroundings.
This process begins the development of belief in themselves and their abilities and grows the confidence to face and overcome the mental and emotional challenges they will encounter.

Sports Psych 3

The third and final part of the course introduces the students to develop new processes to help them achieve new levels of success.
We will introduce the power of visualization and self-care strategies. The students will learn the importance of effective time management and be given tools to use as they strengthen the new mental muscles they have been introduced to throughout this course.

Mental and Emotional Education is Essential to Success

The journey of a young athlete can be difficult.

Learning about themselves and what they will experience mentally and emotionally is vital to their growth.

This course was developed over a lifetime by IGM founder Bob Wilkie and mental health clinician Shawn O'Grady. The expereinces they have both personally and professionally have been shared in this course.

The students will learn many valuable skills and this will give the students athletes the opportunity to understand their challenges and how to overcome the adversity of reaching their goals. Balance can be achieved with awareness and skills. This course offers solutions that can help them on their journey.