The Dangers of Expectations

The danger of







An in-depth course about the power of expectations. How to effectively set and communicate them for a successful outcome for everyone involved.

What you can expect in this course

Expectations are a major cause of stress, anxiety, miscommunication and loss of trust and respect in families. When we have expectations of others we don’t often help them to fully understand how to meet them.

This can cause the other person to become resentful, fearful, disengaged, and frustrated. This is especially true with our children. They don’t know why it is important that they help out around the house, make their bed, clean up the dishes or their rooms. It comes across as a waste of time and is not  important to them. But there is another danger and that is in not meeting their own expectations of themselves in their sport or academic performance.

In this course we go in-depth as to the dangers and pitfalls of expectations. We will discuss the issues they can cause in relationships, and the damage to a person’s self esteem when expectations are unrealistic and unmet.

Worksheets will be provided for you to use in an exercise where we will deep dive in to the expectations you have with yourself and other people in your life.  This course will help you to learn to more effectively set, manage, and communicate your expectations. This will help to keep, or earn trust and respect in order to maintain, or build healthier relationships with others.

Learning Objectives:

  • To share the power of expectations
  • To introduce the link between unclear or unrealistic expectations, stress and anxiety, and the breakdown in relationships
  • To build skills around communication, managing and meeting expectations, which positively impacts our self-worth and confidence and strengthens relationships
  • To create a road map, a plan where everyone has the opportunity to successfully meet expectations in order to reach their goals

Lesson 1 – What Expectations Cause 

In this first lesson we shed light on the damage that can be caused when expectations are unclear. It can destroy relationships., motivation, and our self image. We provide tips and strategies on how to set and clearly communicate your expectations to others.



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If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome. - Michael Jordan

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Lesson 2 – How to Clarify Expectations

In lesson 2 we discuss how to manage expectations. How to have powerful conversations that will lead to better understanding and cooperation by both parties. We will introduce new skills and methods to create confidence, accountability, and success!

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The danger of Expectations! Online Course


This is a very resourceful course. It will shed light on the major issues that expectations cause within a relationship with your child. Also, the issues it causes in regards to self doubt.

Expectations are seldom discussed, they are often confusing, they are almost always misinterpreted. This course goes in depth as to what expectations are, why we have to have them met, and how to do it successfully.

In order for an individual to clearly understand the expectations we must go deep in the explanation. When we do, it creates understanding, sets healthy boundaries, creates accountability, and more successful outcomes!

By participating in this course you will learn some great information that makes you feel better, and anyone you have expectations of.