About Us

Founded in 2008, I Got Mind’s focus is to promote the importance of mental health in the sporting world. Over the years of being heavily involved in sports, founder Bob Wilkie realized that the athletes he was coaching were heading down the same path he had traveled. Unmet expectations, striving for perfection, pressure from coaches and peers all which lead to anxiety, depression and substance abuse. I Got Mind is continuously growing, and a team of passionate former athletes and mental health experts are all working together to support and educate as many people involved in the sport as possible.

Mental health has no demographic or social boundaries, it affects us all.

Since 2008

The I Got Mind Story

Founder Bob Wilkie began suffering trauma as an athlete at age 10. He was a part of the 1986 bus crash with the Swift Current Broncos and he lost four of his teammates. It was this trauma and the continuation of unmet expectations, pressures to perform, and inability to talk about what he was feeling that led to severe depression, self-abuse and harm, substance abuse and prolonged thoughts of suicide.
In 2008 while coaching Bob realized the athletes and parents were showing the same signs that caused him the trauma. He sold his hockey pro shop business, received his certification as a life coach and began his journey to help provide insights and healing to sports organizations throughout North America.
Since 2018 the I Got Mind team has been on tour sharing their stories and gathering information to support those in need.
I Got Mind has helped thousands of individuals see the issues and open the door to conversations that can make a difference.