Communication is foundational


All The Info You Need To Know About The Course

Good communication is a vital life skill. In this course we will explore the 2 main forms of communication, verbal and non-verbal. You will learn skills to improve your communication and you will increase your understanding of why it is essential for success in all aspects of life.

Communication is a very important skill to develop. It can create or destroy. It can bring clarity or create confusion. It is something everyone does, but few take responsibility for. It should come with greater responsibility than it does.

In this course we will take a look at what communication is and the power it holds. We will shed light on the different forms, and help you understand why it can be so frustrating.

In order to get what you want across to another individual, as we stated in the goal setting lesson, you must now develop the communication skills to help you do that. This means you have to learn to set boundaries, expectations, and learn how to truly listen.

This is a powerful course that will raise your awareness around how you currently communicate, how you carry yourself and how you ultimately can get better results with your new skills.

Communication is a serious topic. Effective communication can relieve stress, anxiety, poor performance and unhealthy relationships. It can lift you over obstacles that have blocked you in the past and allow for a more productive and rewarding future.







Learning Objective

To create understanding of the forms of communication

To create awareness of the immense power of our words

To understand the difference between hearing and listening

To provide tips and tools to become a master communicator in your life

Educate participants on the conditioning of how we communicate

We will introduce the three methods of communication and breakdown the communication components

The Course Lecturers

This course was developed because Bob had recognized how difficult it was to share, to stand up, or to clarify with others on his journey. So many times things are not said, or heard differently and these cause major issues in any relationship.
In order to have healthy and productive relationships, communication must be clear and concise, this course will help all who participate have a new appreciation for the challenges of communicating effectively.

Bob wilkie

Founder I Got Mind

Introductory Video to the course

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In this first lesson you will be introduced to how we learn to communicate, the history of communication and the breakdown of types of communication.

Bob will walk through these components in detail and help you identify where communication may break down for you and provide ideas of how you can do it more effectively.


In the second lesson you will be introduced to all of the mediums of communication, hearing versus listening, and how you decode when you are being communicated with.

This lesson will also provide insights of the power of being present and how communication can build confidence, how you can become more productive, and build healthy relationships.


Communication is Foundational with Coaching

1 year of access

This option includes the Communication online course as well as a 1 hour coaching session with an IGM facilitator.

It is a great course and with personal coaching that allows you to ask questions, to develop new techniques for improved results.

Communication can be the solution to many issues, it can also be the cause. Join us in this course to help you learn and implement new skills for new and better results in all of your relationships.