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All athletes

Defining Your Role

Knowing all the roles you play in your life is critically important. It requires awareness and the ability to adapt.

About this Course

In this valuable course we will be discussing the issues we have the roles we play.

There are many aspects in each role and some we like, some we do not. It is about learning how to be adaptable in all the roles and understand that each role we play, allows us to develop and strengthen our mental skill set.

In the first lesson we visit the EGO and what it does to us as we are playing the roles we do. It is a powerful thing and if it not controlled, can cause major issues for the young athlete.

In lesson 2 we discuss all the roles we play in our lives. It builds awareness of all of the expectations and responsibilities in each of these roles. It is much more that we are aware of.

Lesson 3 is we walk through 20 questions that show us in detail the actions we must take in order to play our role successfully. It is a valuable process that can set the athlete up for future success when taking on new roles.

Lesson 4 is all about accepting and learning how to adapt to new scenarios. If we can become more flexible and open, then the athletes can capitalize on the opportunities that are presented to them.


Defining Your Role


This is an in depth course that will help the athletes understand the challenges of taking on new roles. As an athlete trying to excel, new challenges arise. All of the roles they play can impact a performance, self confidence and focus.

This program will allow the athlete to start to understand the importance of the roles they are asked to play and the challenges mentally it can cause.

Single Coaching Session


This is a 1-1 session with Bob Wilkie. It would be at the conclusion of the course to review all of the material and learning. It is a very valuable piece to help the athlete understand how to use the information in their daily lives.

Multiple Coaching Session


This is a 1-1 with Bob Wilkie at the end of each lesson in the course. It is the most beneficial package we have to offer. After each lesson the student will discuss how to use the information in their lives. It creates a level of understanding that gives the athletes the best possible outcome.

Meetings will be pre-booked on the book now page after payment has been made. The sessions will be 1 hour each.