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A step by step program to assist athletes in developing a mentally healthy and productive mindset

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This program has been helping hundreds of athletes since 2008. It is a full and in depth development program for any athlete of any sport.

The 8 lessons: Defining Your Role, Habits, Attitude, Who Are You, Goal Setting 101, Imagination, Communication, and Focus.

The students have two facilitated conversations in each lesson. One after the workbook lesson is completed, the other after the online course is completed.

It includes

A personal profile that is conducted prior to the course starting. (recorded and shared with key influencers to review with them)

Two physical workbooks. One which contains 8 lessons of personal development aspects.

The other is a time management workbook to help the athletes prepare for each day.

It gives the student valuable information and shows which areas of their life need to be focused on to improve results.

Upon completion the student completes a final presentation of what strategies they learned in the program, and how they will implement them to achieve the success they desire.