A Proper Purpose (A Goal Setting Course)

A proper Purpose -
A goal setting course

All The Info You Need To Know About The Course

Finding purpose in our lives is can be a difficult quest. This course has been developed to assist you with ideas of how to feel more purposeful.

Creating a plan for success is the only way success happens. In this course, we will share with you what is needed to create your plan and stay on course with it to reach your goals.

A goal helps create so many positive habits for an individual. We all have things we hope to accomplish. Goals eliminate the hope and turns it into action.

“Action speaks louder than words” is a phrase that gets used a lot. This course actually gives the individual the opportunity to create a plan of how to achieve. The most powerful thing we can do is take our destiny into our own hands. It will always be the action that determines whether or not we achieve our goals. But first we need a plan to set in to motion.

Often the excuse people use is “I don’t have time”. It is a terrible excuse to use as it isn’t usually true. The one thing we do have is time. It is our time, we get to determine how we will spend that time. If you are not using your time to pursue your goals, there is no one to blame but yourself.

If you truly want what you say you want, it is time to learn how to go about doing that successfully. This process will give you the opportunity every time to achieve the goals you set.







Learning Objective

To understand the process of setting SMART goals

To develop a process to properly assess your goals

To create action steps and time frames to achieve your goals

To understand that time is an asset we often misuse, and how to use it more effectively

The Course Lecturers

Bob is always passionate about the courses delivered here at IGM. This is a favourite of his as the ideas and concepts in this course has helped him and those who he has supported achieve.

There are a great deal of ideas, concepts, and processes shared in this course. It will help move you, if you are willing to do the work introduced.

Bob wilkie

Founder I Got Mind

Bob on his draft day in 1987. Right to left – Jacues Demers, Jim Devallano, Bob Wilkie, Neil Smith, Mike Illitch (owner).

Introductory Video to the course

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Feeling like we are successful or achievers is important for all humans. We all want to be accepted and feel fulfilled at the same time. To accomplish this we have to find something that creates that within us.

We will spend time clearly defining value words to begin using and concepts that help with focus, drive and doubt.

There are two articles we will go through that will describe the science of goal-setting and will give you some new perspective. We will review statistics in which research has proven the power that a goal can have.

You will learn valuable information that will create a new perspective that will benefit you greatly. You have been a goal achiever since you were born. Now, as you desire more, you must do more. This is a good thing!



In this lesson you will be introduced to a goal-setting process.

It is an in depth tutorial that provides a step-by-step plan that will create a course of action.

In this process you will gain the clarity that you will need to move forward and set goals that not only change where you are at, but who you are.


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Goal Planning for Individuals


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Course and Coaching


This option provides access to the online course, videos, assignments and downloads. It also includes 2 coaching sessions for you to visit with an IGM facilitator to review the process and assist you in making sure you have an understanding of how to use this powerful process. You will book your sessions on our booking page under the success strategies option. You can book them prior to you beginning the course, halfway through or at the end. You choose what works best for you.