Effective Role Modelling

Effective Role modelling

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The course is an in-depth look at the aspects of role models. There are many essential characteristics that a role model can instill in us, and we as role models can instill in others. We are constantly role modelling some form of behaviour, the question is which.

A powerful course that can help you understand your impact on your surroundings.

In this valuable course we will be sharing insights of the role models we have had in our lives and how we absorb the behaviours that we see.

This can help us form our personalities and characteristics as we grow into the adults we become. The conditioning we receive can impact us positively or negatively.

As adults we lose our awareness of what we are modelling. We can become blind to the impact we are having on our environments.

We will share the 4 pillars we have found to be most effective as role models.







Learning Objectives

To understand the issues within each of the roles we play in our lives and how we acquired our behaviours

To understand the importance of playing each role in our lives to the best of our ability

To learn how to evaluate oneself and  the conditioning we received as we were in our formative years and beyond

To create understanding that if we become more aware of our behaviour and the impact it has on the environments we are a part of, we can change not only our own behaviour, but also inspire other to look at theirs

The Course Lecturers

This course was an important one for Bob to develop. As he grew up he experienced all types of Role Models. There were those who inspired, and those who created fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

This course in invaluable to helping you grow the awareness of understanding that we are all role modelling some type of behaviour. The question is, “what are you role modelling?”

Bob wilkie

Founder I Got Mind

Introductory Video to the course

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In the first part of the course we introduce the definition of what a role model is, and help you identify what it is that you are role modelling to those around you.

Much of the happiness we want to experience in life is denied because of how we feel about our role in it. We play many roles in our lifetime and each brings with it the opportunity to grow and master the roles.

We share insights about the role our EGO plays in being a role model, and how it can have a positive or negative impact on those within our influence.


In lesson 2 we introduce the four pillars of an effective role model. We have found in our work that these 4 characteristics when focused upon and developed to great strength can influence positively the many who would encounter an effective role model who possesses them.

This lesson will help you to see things in a different light. Being yourself in all roles and identifying where you are strong and where you need to improve will only make you more valuable to your employer, team, and those in your personal circle.


Effective Role Modelling


This valuable course will provide insights into the effects of an effective role model. This option will give you access to the entire course content and assignments.