Effective Role Modelling

Effective Role modelling







The many roles we play at work and in life can cause confusion and other issues. This course takes an in depth look at the power there is in embracing these roles.

What you can expect in this course

In this valuable course we will be discussing common issues within the roles we play.

There are many aspects to each of our roles. Some we like, some we do not. It is about learning how to be adaptable and to understand that within each role we play, it allows us to develop our character and strengthen our mental skill set.

Learning Objectives :

  • To understand the issues within each of the roles we play in our lives
  • To understand the importance of playing each role in our lives to the best of our ability
  • To create understanding that many of the issues we experience in our lives comes from not realizing the true benefits of the roles that we have found ourselves in
  • To learn how to evaluate oneself and what to do with what you discover


Mental stress, mind pressure. Negative brain overload.

Lesson 1 – What are you role modelling?

In the first part of the course we introduce the definition of what a role model is, and help you identify what it is that you are role modelling to those around you.

Much of the happiness we want to experience in life is denied because of how we feel about our role in it.

There are four pillars to being a positive role model. We will review each pillar.

We will have a discussion about the role our EGO plays in being a role model, and how it can have a positive or negative impact on those within our influence.

Understanding the roles you play in your life is critically important. It requires awareness and the ability to adapt.

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Lesson 2 – Accepting Roles and Responsibilities

In lesson 2 we discuss all the roles we play and how to assess the value that we bring to these roles. Not all of the roles are what we necessarily thought they would be. This can cause hardship and unwanted thoughts and attitudes.

This lesson will help you to see things in a different light. Being yourself in all roles and identifying where you are strong and where you need to improve will only make you more valuable to your employer, team, and those in your personal circle.


"Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way." - Viktor E. Frankl

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Lesson 3 – 20 Questions

In Lesson 3 we walk through 20 questions that show us in detail the actions we must take in order to play our role successfully. It is a valuable process that can set the athlete up for future success when taking on new roles.



"My favourite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious, you create opportunities, and then if you open the doors, you create possibilities." - Mario Testino


Lesson 4 – Accept and Develop

Lesson 4 is all about accepting and learning how to adapt to new scenarios. When individuals become more flexible and openminded, they can then capitalize on the opportunities that are presented to them.

"The truth is: Belonging starts with self-acceptance. Your level of belonging, in fact, can never be greater than your level of self-acceptance, because believing that you’re enough is what gives you the courage to be authentic, vulnerable and imperfect." - Brene Brown

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Effective Role Modelling


This valuable course will provide insights into the effects of an effective role model. This option will give you access to the entire course content and assignments.