Who Are You?

Who Are You?

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The ‘self-image’ is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behavior.

Athletes tend to struggle a lot within their chosen sport because they feel the sport and their performance define who they are. When their performance isn’t meeting the expectations of themselves or others it can lead to self doubt, resentment of feedback, jealousy of others, inconsistent performance, and depression. 

They will feel judgement from others as an athlete and without the proper skills, they can take on a negative persona.

In this course we will dive into the self image. We will share what every athlete needs to know, that they are a person first, and an athlete second.

This course will help athletes become more confident, it will allow them to manage their performance, and most importantly, it will relieve the pressure they put on themselves. 








Learning Objective

To understand the power of our self-image

How to create a healthy self-image

To understand we are in control of who we are

To relieve the pressures we place on ourselves

The Course Lecturers

Bob is passionate about this course. After years of trying to figure out who is was and how we became what he didn’t want to become. It also includes the process of how he developed a new and improved self-image.

This course will help you if you are trying to know who you are.

Bob wilkie

Founder I Got Mind

Introductory Video to the course

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The first part of this lesson includes an in-depth look at self-doubt. There are so many things we go through as individuals and we develop the bad habit of doubting ourselves.

We often have a false sense of self and what we think we should be able to do. When we do not achieve the success or the desired results, the wheel of doubt begins to spin. Ego is a major contributor to many of the inadequacies we feel.


We will dive into how you can develop a strong, confident self-image. There is a great deal to understand about ourselves and this part of the lesson will help create that understanding.

Truly knowing who you are enables you to see your full potential and begin to strive towards it.

What you think of yourself is the only thing that matters! 


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This option provides access to the online course and a coaching session with an IGM facilitator. It is a life changing course that will help the student create a positive self-image. Once you have purchased and completed the course you can book a time with the facilitator who recommended you to the course on the book now page.