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We Build Athletes from the Inside Out

If your looking to gain The Mental Advantage, then keep reading!

Unlocking Potential - One Athlete at a time.

We have learned that each athlete needs are unique. Our programs identify the needs and then focus on developing a specific course of action to help them grow.

The Road is Long and full of Suprises

Every athlete THINKS they know all they need to know, until adversity shows up. We help the athlete create a clear picture of where they want to go and prepare for the unknown.

The Fear is Real (to them)

Fear creates doubt, worry and uncertainty. Our programs teach the athlete how to overcome their fears.

SUCCESS comes from within.

I Got Mind is about education, knowledge truly is power.

2018 Spring Hockey Camps

It is official, our ice has been finalized and we are ready! This camp is for two age groups. 04-05 and 03-04 birth years. There are 23 ice sessions (5 scrimmages between both groups) and 3 Mental Classroom session for each group.

The 04-05 group is for players who played for their communities last year. It is to help them develop their on ice skills and mental toughness.

The 03-04 group is for players who have played at the Elite Level (AA or AAA). It is to help them prepare for the next level and to develop new on and off ice skills.



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"What my son learned with I Got Mind has changed him in so many ways. It was more than we could have hoped for and would highly recommend to any parent who has a struggling athlete."

- S.C. Calgary

The Programs We Offer

Below is a list of some of the programming I Got Mind offers.

  • Success Strategies

    I Got Mind’s most successful program. This consists of 8 modules of learning that create a foundation of understanding. It is a combination of workbooks and videos. It is a 1-1 coaching program that produces amazing results.

  • Family Councelling

    Growing up striving to reach the NHL came a a huge cost. It caused struggle and resentment within the Home Team. Being able to sit down and open the lines of communication, to set clear expectations is powerful. I Got Mind has been helping families for over 15 years.

  • On Ice Programs

    I Got Mind has been helping individuals develop their physical skills for 20+ years. A players level of skill produces confidence. We specialize in helping athletes learn how to make the improvements required for them to be successful on the ice. We work with ages 8 and up.

  • Team Presentations

    If you are looking to motivate your team, if you want to have a team builder that makes a difference, look no further. Our team presentations are motivating, educational and fun. The sessions are about 90 minutes in length and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Keynotes and Banquet Speaking

    If you are looking to take your banquet or event up a notch, let I Got Mind provide a keynote that will have everyone talking. Bob Wilkie has been speaking to groups for over 20 years and his talks are motivating and thought provoking.

  • The Conscious Hockey Mom (Coming Soon!)

    We sat down and developed a program to help all the Mom’s out there. They are the emotional support and often are shut out of the process. Mom’s are the glue that holds it together. The athletes need the emotional support and we share our experiences straight from Mom’s who have been through the process.

"I cannot believe the difference I have seen. I never set goals or knew about focus and imagination. The Success Strategies program has helped me achieve all that I wanted to and more."

- C.C. Edmonton

"I was lost, frustrated and was ready to quit my dream. Since I went through the Success Strategies program my life has changed dramatically. I know Who I Am and Where I Am Going for the first time in my life!"

- S.A. USA

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