Promoting Mental Health

In Sports and In Life

Spring/Summer Sessions Starting!

If you have an athlete age 14 and up who has struggled with performance, consistency, or dealing with stresses of being an elite athlete, then you should take a look at this program.

This 20 week program can improve these issues and more. Give your athlete the foundation that they need to be successful in their quest to achieve their goals.

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We are passionate about what we do. If you are interested in having us visit you, send us an email. We offer keynotes, private group presentations, conferences etc. We love to share our information and are open to all opportunities to help others.

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As seen on Hockey Day in Canada February 9th 2019.

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What the Tour Attendees Say

  • We were given tickets through KidsSport, an amazing organization that has made it possible for my kids to enjoy sports. My 14 year old is having a difficult time with his teammates on his A boys basketball team. He transferred to his new school this year and has taken the starting spot from another student there is a handful of teammates that have disputed this and put in grivinces about him stealing another students spot. These boys put him down, calling him trash and always saying he’s only good for getting hurt. As his mom I’ve listened to this and it’s broke my heart. He’s never let it show that it bothered him. After your presentation he told me he felt so relieved and thankful I made him go. Caleb had the biggest impact on him. He told me he now knows he’s not alone but at the same time he knows he’s completely alone.he realizes that’s a hard way to explain a very complex emotion. He’s thankful to know he’s not the only one to experience this alienation but sad that so many have. I enjoyed ( I believe her name was Sarah) the girl as I could relate to her. I grew up with 4 brothers playing ice hockey and in-line hockey with them , in a separate change room and had a huge shock when I joined school sports on a girl team. I find with the boys it’s behind the coaches back and with girls it’s behind the coaches and each others. My point being that it was very beneficial to have a variety of panelists. Thank you for this very educational, inspirational eye opening event. It has made a huge positive impact on my sons life in sports, in school and even with his siblings. You are making a difference!!!!
  • I have to give a big shout out to Bob and Shawn. They took time to talk with me and my son during a hard time. The one on one they did with him made him feel "normal" and that he wasn't alone. He has had a rough month and I wish I could say its gotten easier, but were still working hard at changing his mind set with the anxiety attaches. I must say though at a hockey game the other night it took about 10 minutes for him to go onto the ice he was very panicky and overwhelmed with metal emotions, he used the term "I pretended i was hitting the monkey in my head with a hammer to get those bad thoughts out of my head" and went onto the ice and scored. He is learning to fight through it. Regardless thank you thank you thank you. Means a lot to know there is help out there and we have now met with a child physiologist and are making connections to make him feel more comfortable with talking and knowing he is not alone. <3
  • Amazing presentation. A must see for any parent athlete or coach. This should be a mandatory session for all athletes coaches and parents in sport . Bob Wilkie and his team really put their message through and do a tremendous job. Well done!!
  • Such a great presentation. Wizard vs Lizard. Such a great visual break down of how our minds can work. Every coach and player should take the time to see this! Thank you for stopping in Regina!
  • They talk to the people, not at people, easy to comprehend . Relatable across age groups, personal experiences , and the honesty was amazing. we are all a work in progress, and this presentation encourages to reduce the stigma of anxiety, depression , and be able to talk about not being ok. Asking for help, and nurturing hope. Probably hands down best mental health discussion/presentation I have been to.

Upcoming events.

  • Community of Edson Alberta

    October 3rd 2019 – A High School talk and Evening with local residents

    The evening is a public event.

  • Calgary Distress Center Fundraising Event September 24th

    This is a great event to assist the Calgary Distress Center raise funds for their operations. Please check the website for more information. They have an alliance with the Shaw Charity Classic Birdies for kids program. If you donate through this program you donation will be matched 50%.



  • Whitefish Prospects Hockey Camp

    This is the second year that we will be attending the hockey school. It is a great camp which combines on ice skills, mental training sessions and family time during the day. For more information Whitefish Prospects Camp.

  • Hockey Alberta HP1 Coaches Clinic

    This will be the 5th year attending the camp. It is an awesome learning experience for coaches who want to coach at the higher levels. Even if you simply want to become a better coach, I highly recommend this event. HP 1 Clinic.


Meet the Team!

  • Bob Wilkie - President I Got Mind Inc.

    Bob has been working with athletes, families, coaches, and organizations in all sports and business for 15 years. His background as a professional athlete and entrepreneur for the last 19 years. His insights the the mental challenges and how to over come them are based on his experience of battling depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Bob has worked tirelessly in developing the content and partners to help anyone who is struggling mentally and those who are looking for solutions.
  • Shawn O'Grady MSD

    Shawn joined the IGM team last October as the mental health clinician. Shawn has 20 years experience working in his field and is currently the head of preadolescence treatment center at Hull services. He and his team manage the health and education of kids 5-12. Shawn also has his own counseling practice working with athletes, individuals and family therapy.
  • Kelly Hrudey

    Kelly had an excellent NHL career spending time with the NY Islanders, LA Kings, and San Jose Sharks. He is currently the color commentator for the Calgary Flames and panelist with Hockey Night in Canada. His advocacy for mental health has been longstanding in the mental health community as his daughter Kaitlin has battled anxiety. Kelly joined the I Got Mind team in October of 2018.

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I Got Mind Inc was founded in 2012. It was formerly Synergy in Motion since 2008. The idea Bob had came to light while coaching kids and searching for answers to his depression and self/substance abuse that continued after his 10 year professional playing career.

The young athletes were experiencing very similar issues. As were the coaches and parents. A world that Bob grew up was all of the sudden much clearer. As he began having conversations with all of the above, he started to use his experiences in the game to help them heal and manage. He became educated in the Life Coaching realm and learned how to use his life experiences and turn it into content that he could use to teach.

Since 2008 Bob and I Got Mind have worked with thousands of youth. In schools, sports and personal coaching. He has worked with hundreds of organizations throughout North America, in the sporting world and business.

I Got Mind means awareness, compassion, focus, determination, to live the life we expect.

Fer Sure means, agreement, commitment, confidence, and a positive attitude.

Hope you’ll join the team by coming to or booking an event with us! Fer Sure!

Being an athlete can be a huge challenge. Managing all that is required and having little to no experience to do so can cause, self doubt, inconsistent performance, stress, anxiety attacks, or quitting.

I Got Mind is all about being able to teach the athletes how to control the only thing they can, themselves. We focus on teaching them about themselves and how to they can change, grow, learn, fail with confidence and ultimately, succeed.

Our Success Strategies program is exceptional and life altering for the athlete. It teaches values and lessons that create a solid foundation for growth. It teaches how to manage their self confidence. It show them how to make a change, and why in certain areas they need to more prepared than usual.

(definition) – Coach – a person who trains an athlete or a team of athletes.

Trains – to develop or form the habits, thoughts, or behavior of (a child or other person) by discipline and instruction.

A coach is so much more than the word says. If you see the trains definition, that is truly what we as coaches should be doing. The issue with coaches is the instruction is unclear to the athlete for a number of reasons and when not executed properly, the discipline kicks in and can cause fear, terror, and resentment in the way it is delivered.

Each player today is different. The generations are much different and this causes issues. What seems like common sense becomes very uncommon!

We hold coaching clinics for all sports. We focus on communication, understanding the perception of the athletes and how to create buy in. Each coach will understand the mindsets of the athletes and given tools to use to get the most out of their athletes. For the athletes benefit.

Email us if your interested in learning more.

Every parent when asked “Why do you put your kids in sports?” answers in the some of the following answers.

  1. To have fun
  2. To learn how to be a part of a team
  3. To develop work ethic
  4. To stay our of trouble
  5. To learn how to be successful

The issue is this doesn’t happen as much as it could. We as parents get wrapped up, twisted around and frustrated with the process.

The organizations can be a challenge, the coaches can create chaos with their words, and the athlete can under perform and seem disinterested. And this means you have to spend time, money, and energy on trying to deal with and fix it.

There is something more that sports are about. It is about falling and getting up. It is about learning how to deal with bad teammates. It is about dealing with a boss (coach) who is very difficult to deal with. And lastly, how to perform to the best of their abilities while all of this is going on.

However because we don’t know how to navigate these stormy waters we get as wrapped up as the kids and begin to not enjoy the experience similar to all the other parties.

We have parent seminars for groups when requested. It is powerful to get the parents and athletes in a room and talk about the issues, and most importantly work together to find solutions. If the HOME TEAM can work together to solve problems, then each member of the HOME TEAM can go play on other team successfully.

If you are interested in booking a group session or family session, email us here.