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The secret to any truly successful organization is its culture. The workplace of today is going through a major change. An emotionally safe and positive culture is more important than ever. To succeed today your leaders and employees require new skills.

Our “Game Changer” Workplace Program educates and supports your leaders and employees as they develop a 21st Century Skill-set.

Below are recent statistics that state what
skills and education employees are in need of

of employees with mental health issues indicate it impacts their work
0 %
of the global workforce say 2020 was the most stressful year ever.
0 %
surveyed believe Mental Health needs to be an employer priority, and that their companies should do more to support and protect their mental health at work.
0 %
of those surveyed say their mental health issues at work negatively affect their home life
0 %
of managers say they could do their jobs more effectively if they found ways to more easily manage distressed employees.
0 %
of managers would like to receive better training to deal with this type of situation.
0 %

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The I Got Mind "Game Changer" Program

Job Grants Available to Defer Costs
Educate and Empower
  • 12 month program
  • Facliitated conversations with the IGM experts
  • Online learning platform and progress reporting
  • Transformational leadership skill building
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Culture of Productivity and Enjoyment

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