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This course is designed to help athletes strengthen their personal confidence. Confidence is the single greatest factor in an athlete’s success. We will provide insights to help recognize what contributes to building confidence and what destroys it.

In this course we will be discussing the power of personal confidence.

In our quest as athletes to achieve our goals and reach success, it is our confidence that is the number one driver. It is THE most valuable asset that a person has.

The future of each individual, the belief in themselves, and the success they desire, will always be dictated by their level of personal confidence. And for each new level of success that is accomplished, a new level of confidence is built!







Learning Objective

To create an understanding of what confidence is and why it is so important to an individual/athlete

To share strategies on steps an athlete can take every day to build personal confidence

To create the understanding that the confidence we are in search of is our own responsibility

To educate the athlete about how to strengthen their personal confidence. Learn how to be your best ally rather than your own worst enemy

The Course Lecturers

Bob loved putting this course together. It was an issue that he struggled with many times in his career. He knew little about confidence other than when he had it, and when he didn’t.

This course sheds light on what confidence is, how to build it up, and how to make it resilient.

Bob wilkie

Founder I Got Mind

Introductory Video to the course

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This lesson is designed to help you understand in depth all of the things that make up the confidence of an individual.

We will share what truly makes an individual confident and it may not be what you would think.


Building confidence takes a commitment. It will take every bit of your effort and awareness. This lesson will give you ideas of how you can start to build your most valuable asset, and will allow you to grow at a faster pace.

Learning to overcome and learning from failure is a part of building your confidence. If you truly do the work, it will have a big impact on your success.


In order to be confident in all situations, athletic and personal, you must make your confidence durable, unshakeable, and resilient to the onslaught of sport and life’s everyday experiences and challenges.


Confidence Online Course


Confidence is the most valuable asset a person has. In this three-lesson course we teach athletes how to build and sustain a level of confidence that can withstand the challenges they will face.


Confidence Course and Coaching Option


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Confidence Multiple Coaching Sessions


This option includes three one-on-one weekly coaching sessions with an IGM Facilitator. Once you complete the purchase, book your sessions immediately through our Book Now page. Select the 1-1 coaching call option and choose the available dates and times that works with your schedule.