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"Every Month, We Compile Articles That Address Mental Health Issues In Today's World. Take A Mental Minute And Catch Up On These Tips, Stories, And Initiatives That Will Help Your Mental Health."

Mental Minute

Self-Compassion in Sport 101

Without sufficient coping resources, setbacks can negatively impact athletes’ wellbeing and/or sour their overall sport experience, putting them at risk of dropping out from sport altogether. Fortunately, self-compassion is steadily gaining traction as a personal resource that athletes can use to help navigate setbacks experienced in sport in a healthy and positive way.

Mentally ill kids become less healthy adults

A new pair of studies make the case that early-life mental health problems can lead to physical diseases and advanced aging in adulthood. But because mental health conditions can appear early in life, the researchers say that investment in prompt mental health care could be used to prevent later diseases and reduce healthcare costs.

Mental health in the education sector

We spoke with Paula Allen, Global Leader and Senior Vice President, Research and Total Wellbeing, Morneau Shepell, to get her perspective on mental health issues that are arising in the education sector and what education leaders could be thinking about to support teachers and staff during these unprecedented times.

The Thrive Guide to Staying Focused, Even When We’re Not Feeling It

While we can’t control the forces that have so completely disrupted our lives, we can take steps to maintain our mental resilience and help ourselves be productive, even as we eagerly and anxiously wait for that light at the end of the tunnel to get closer and closer. Here are seven ways to stay engaged even when we’re just not feeling it.

Meet the team Facilitator Spotlight


30 year educator, coach, community leader

Shari has developed programs that helped students struggling with mental health, addictions and behaviours. She has served as an Athletic Director, mother of two, former CIS athlete. One of her highlights at Thom Collegiate was developing and teaching in the Thom’s Achievement Center. (TAC). TAC was a program for at risk students of whom had sporadic to non-existent attendance and experienced mental health and family issues.

Finding Hope Webinar

Friday, February 12th
7:00 p.m. MST

This event is an emotional journey that will share stories from individuals about how they have survived and overcome personal tragedies. The COVID pandemic has caused many issues for millions of people worldwide. This event will show all attendees how to find hope in the darkest of times. A Mental wellness discussion that can help shed light on how to get your life back on track.

Finding Hope

Join Us for a youtube live-streamed I Got Mind event on Finding Hope in these unprecedented  time

Featured Course

Introducing Stress

Gain a deeper understanding of the thing that can both destroy and create.

In this course, our goal was to discuss as many different points of view of stress as we could. Through education and understanding, you can make stress a powerful ally. Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress. Expand your mental toolkit and remember, self-care is the most important care.

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