This is a site dedicated to sharing information and providing solutions. I Got Mind Inc is a Calgary based company. For over 20 years, Bob Wilkie, the founder, has been helping young athletes and their families navigate elite athletics.

The demand and pressure of elite sports is only getting more intense. The competition is stronger, the challenges greater, and the push to be a single sport athlete is beginning at a very young age. All of these can do irreparable damage. The effects can be long lasting. They can tear families apart. It is the ignorance, the lack of knowing how to deal with all of the pressures that is the cause.

I Got Mind is dedicated to helping in any way that we can. Our mission is to educate and prepare the athletes, and the parents of the athletes. Please check out the website, there is a lot of good information. All designed with a life time of striving to be an elite athlete, of coaching elite athletes and now educating elite athletes.

We have programs, clinics, symposiums, and provide 1-1 coaching. Whatever we can do to help.

We look forward to hearing from you, if you have any questions, go to the contact page and let’s have a conversation about how I Got Mind can help you and our athlete prepare for a better future.

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