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Introduction to the I Got Mind Courses for Business Organizations

We are living in very challenging times. Pressured in the workplace and stressed out at home, people are trying to make sense of their lives. - Les Brown

Workplace Mental Wellness Training Programs

The times are challenging. In more ways than we ever imagined. Businesses are being lost, jobs are being eliminated, workplaces are confused and employees overworked. Working from home and social isolation are other issues that we have found working with businesses during this pandemic.

Since 2008, I Got Mind has been helping business teams. During the pandemic, we have been working with teams and individuals, and we have discovered there are many issues that people need to learn to deal with.

We have fantastic programs that will educate, entertain, and engage your team. Mental Wellness will become more important and accepted which will increase retention, reduce leaves and short term disability, and strengthen the culture.

Below are statistics provided by Canada Life Insurance that tell the story of how employees are feeling about their workplace.

0 %
of employees with mental health issues indicate it impacts their work
0 %
of the global workforce say 2020 was the most stressful year ever.
0 %
surveyed believe Mental Health needs to be an employer priority, and that their companies should do more to support and protect their mental health at work.
0 %
of those surveyed say their mental health issues at work negatively affect their home life
0 %
of managers say they could do their jobs more effectively if they found ways to more easily manage distressed employees.
0 %
of managers would like to receive better training to deal with this type of situation.

Jobs Grants Available - Through The Canada Jobs Grant

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  • Culture building

Choose from our pre-built packages or let us customize a package to meet your company's specific needs. Our goal is to support you and your team.

Package #1

Mental Wellness Education

This package is designed for companies who want to see all of their employees learn about becoming mentally well.

It consists of several online learning courses and facilitations that will create insights into how to take action and implement new skills for each member of the team.

Course Curriculum

Course 1 "Role Modelling Wellness" - 2 Lessons - 3 Facilitations - Total of 6 hours

Course 2 "Assessing My Needs" - 2 Lessons - 3 Facilitations - Total of 5 hours
Course 3 "Introducing Stress" - 2 Lessons - 3 Facilitations - Total of 6 hours
Course 4 "Communicating my feelings" - 2 Lessons - 3 Facilitations - Total of 6 hours

Work per week for each individual is 1.5-2 hours which consists of online learning and live facilitations.

Package #2

Wellness and Stigma

There are many issues in today's workplace. Covid has separated individuals even more in their values and beliefs.

This course will help your team learn about their responsibility to manage their own mental wellness and address with teammates if necessary to create that wellness. It opens the lines of communications and erases the stigma.

Course Curriculum

Course #1 "Role Modelling Wellness" - 2 Lessons - 3 Facilitations - Total of 6 hours
Course #2 "Values and Beliefs" - 2 Lessons - 3 Facilitations - Total of 6 hours
Course #3 "Being Trauma Informed" - 2 Lessons - 3 Facilitations - Total of 6 hours
Course #4 "Giving a Balanced Performance" - 2 Lessons - 3 Facilitations - Total of 6 hours

Work per week for each individual is 1.5-2 hours which consists of online learning and live facilitations.

We can customize a program for your team

Social and Emotional Learning Programs

Coming from the business world over the past twenty years, there has been much that has been learned. This entire platform and the content within it have been developed to address the needs of many organizations. We at I Got Mind have heard our participants and developed the content to best suit the needs of the many.

The Process

Once we have met and agreed on the content, delivery schedule and signed a contract of services, we can dive into the execution. We will hold a kick-off meeting to introduce our team to yours. We will show them how to sign up on the website and create their own individual learning profile so they can access the content. Each week the group is assigned a lesson to complete, then we meet for a facilitated conversation. We do this for each lesson in the course until completion.

Why you should consider I Got MInd

The Wellness of the team determines the performance of the team

The experience of the team here at IGM is extensive. We have been a part of many teams for many years. We have learned that if the team is healthy mentally, the team will perform well. A mentally unhealthy team will consist of mistrust, a lack of respect, poor communication, working in silos, and they end up working for a paycheck, not a purpose.

What we have found

Some of the major issues with individuals within teams are: Single perspectives and prejudices. Lack of understanding of the vision of the organization. A struggle to be motivated as there is little development or interest in the career planning. They want to understand they want clarity around roles and responsibilities. As things change in a business, as they always do, employees can end up doing things that were not a part of the original agreement, this leads to frustration and a lack of motivation.

A sample of a few of our most popular and effective courses

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