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Preparing to Adapt







Chaos and stress are common in sport and competition. Learn how to minimize chaos and its effects through awareness and skill building. Preparation, having a solid plan, along with specific mental skills are key to being adaptable in sport and in life! This course will help you develop these skills.

What you can expect in this course

During challenging times many athletes struggle because they do not possess the necessary skills to adapt to chaos or change. And this isn’t at the fault of the athlete. Most are simply too young to have experienced enough life yet, to have acquired those skills yet. So when we are pushed and pulled in more ways than we could have ever imagined, it creates a lot of inner turmoil and discomfort. This can affect our performance in sport, our academic performance, and even our relationships with friends and family.

As we have progressed in this current pandemic, there are so many athletes who have expressed that they have been and still are suffering emotionally. When life becomes confusing and challenging, possessing certain skill sets helps all of us in uncertain times.

This course was designed to expand awareness and instruct athletes on how to manage your emotions in times of chaos and uncertainty. As we learn these skills it eases the discomfort, creates confidence and awareness, so that we are mentally prepared for and have an easier time adapting to difficult scenarios.

Learning Objectives :

  • To raise your awareness of how chaos affects you
  • To provide ideas of how to better prepare for the challenges of daily life
  • To create understanding of how to develop a process to enhance your mental wellness
  • To educate on the importance of establishing a more adaptable mindset
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Lesson 1 – Role of Chaos

Life is Chaos. It happens all over the world on a daily basis. During this very chaotic time, we are seeing every human exposed. We see the abilities and skill sets as we watch this chaos unfold.

We will share the role of chaos and how it is the creator. In sports, we learn very little from winning. We always learn more from losing. As the world has evolved it is always through the chaos that we become better.

This lesson is all about creating a new awareness of how chaos improves us, it creates confidence and resilience. It develops the ability to increase our mental capacity. This in turn will provide us the opportunity to shed the old and bad, for the new and good.

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Adaptability is a great asset to have because life is so unpredictable, and things can change overnight for any of us.

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Lesson 2 – A Prepared Mind

So many times we struggle with our daily performance. Whether it is at home, school, sports, work, we can get into our heads. This can be overthinking, over personalizing, or over emotionalizing. None of these make us feel good.

In this lesson, we will discuss the value of preparation. There are so many positive factors when we prepare properly.

If it is in an area of your life where it is tough to get motivated, or an area where you strive for perfection, or simply feel better about yourself, preparation is a major contributor to a successful outcome.

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You can't just declare that you have a growth mindset. Growth mindset is hard. - Carol S. Dweck

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Lesson 3 – Adapting A New Mindset

In the world we live in the most successful people are those who adapt to the climate of the day, to be present in the moment. Being able to see things for what they are, and to then figure out how we will be, is what makes us invaluable. It is what creates happiness and confidence. It creates courage and inspiration.

We will share ideas of how to be more adaptable and the two mindsets that each of us battles with. An open or closed mindset.

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You can't just declare that you have a growth mindset. Growth mindset is hard. - Carol S. Dweck


Prepare to Adapt Online Course


This is a great course for anyone who may struggle with adapting to new situations. It will also help those who need to work on their preparation and who are challenged emotionally when chaos is introduced.

Over the last several years we have found that many lose the battle with being able to adapt to new situations, or to keep an open mind.

Join us as we take you on an educational experience that will shed light on issues, provide stories of struggles, and ideas of how to improve.

Course and Coaching Option


This option includes access to the online course of the three lessons and assignments and quizzes. It also includes a 1-1 coaching session at the completion of the course with an IGM facilitator.

Once you have purchased you will be directed to your learning dashboard where you will see the course. Click on it to begin. Once you have completed, go to the book now page and book your time which will be 1-1 coaching session. You will be provided a Zoom link when you book the time . Your facilitator will access your submissions and review with you in the 1-1 session.

This program will help you in many ways to identify your relationship with chaos, how you prepare and which mindset you possess.