Being an Exceptional Role Model

Being an Exceptional Role Model





This course is designed to help coaches understand the responsibility they have to their athletes. We can sometimes forget the influence we have on our impressionable young athletes.





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When you try to be a role model, not everybody can relate to some of your highs - awards, championships. But everybody can relate to the lows. Everybody's gotten fired from a job or gotten cut. People learn more about you in those lows than they do in the highs. - Tim Tebow


This course sheds light on the importance of being an Effective Role Model that inspires your athletes. It goes into detail with the four pillars: Respect, Trust, Patience, and Integrity.
We will share our experiences and provide exercises for you to use to assist your athletes in building their confidence. We ask our athletes to learn and develop and an Effective Role Model is willing to do the same. This course will challenge your mindset, and give you some new tools to be a coach that inspires your athletes to grow and succeed.

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Being an Exceptional Role Model


A coaches responsibility is to develop young athletes. To give them confidence, to help them make thier dreams come true. It is a very difficult job, especially in today’s world.

This course helps the coaches take a look at why they are coaching. It gives them new ideas and techiques of how to connect with the athlete of the 21st Century and show them how to become what they want to become.

It is your leadership as a coach that will show them. If you are respectful, trusting, patient and act with integrity, the athletes can be the benefactors.