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I Got Mind has been hard at work over the last 14 years developing content, training facilitators, and supporting many organizations. Like most, I Got Mind has needed support throughout the years to keep this initiative moving forward. We have met thousands of individuals on our journey. We love to meet new people and develop new relationships.

The groups listed below are valued partnerships we have developed over the years. Without them, this work would have been much more difficult. They are outstanding people in world-class organizations. All are passionate about making a difference in the world and helping others. We can all use help, and we are grateful for their support, it allows us to continue to do this valuable work that supports communities throughout the world.

Hull Services

Hull Services has long had a reputation for providing leading edge child, youth, and family mental health services. We work with children, youth and families who have experienced significant types of challenges. Hull offers them an opportunity to seek well-being and happiness, with a focus on mental health. Hull’s vision is for resilient young people and families to thrive within communities that support their mental health and

Mental Health in Sports and in Life

Hull Services has partnered with I Got Mind to help promote the importance of mental health in the sporting world. The goal of Mental Health in Sports and in Life at Hull Services is to educate and promote best practices to attain mental health wellness in sport communities.

Sports creates the environment to allow valuable skills to be developed. These skills can reduce stress, manage anxiety, and avoid depression. The content addresses behaviour, teamwork, and dozens of courses for athletes, coaches and parents.

Donations to this initiative help reduce costs to sports organizations. The funds go directly to the development and delivery of the content. Over 80% of the funds support the delivery and you will receive a tax donation receipt. If you are interested in donating for a specific group to receive the funds, contact us and we can arrange all of the details.

GO Insurance

A dedicated team of highly trained insurance professionals ready to help with every insurance need.

Over the past decade, Go Insurance has grown from a small agency working out of an even smaller office, to a trusted pillar in the insurance community. We provide coverage for a wide range of clients—from small contractors to large businesses—and deliver on the simplest and most complex insurance requirements. Our insurance advisors are highly educated and expertly trained to meet your needs, and specialize in auto insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and commercial insurance. We attribute our business growth to excellent client care, knowledgeable team members, and competitive offerings, three qualities Go Insurance clients can always rely on.


Team Alex

After the tragic loss of Alex, who died by suicide in May of 2019, his heartbroken family formed a team of determined and passionate individuals who are ready to fight to ensure others will not face this excruciating pain. Our dedicated team is ready to do whatever it takes to help create sport, community and better yet, a world without suicide. Through collective action, we are working to educate and train leaders, coaches, parents, teachers, children, youth and people everywhere on this imperative subject. We aim to increase awareness while building resiliency and expanding the capacity for people to appropriately respond. Our planned initiatives are limitless and currently include information and training sessions, events, presentations, wellness meetings and pop-up booths. Due to the subject matter, we are careful to take a trauma-informed and age-appropriate approach when it comes to our professionally facilitated sessions. I Got Mind closely supports Team Alex and some of their team are currently working to become I Got Mind Certified Facilitators.

Flames Foundation

The Calgary Flames Foundation strives to improve the lives of southern Albertans through the support of health and wellness, education and grassroots sports. Over $50 million has been invested into southern Alberta communities since inception. Most recently this includes a $2 million commitment to sport inclusion and over $3.5 million donated through the Calgary Flames Foundation COVID-19 Community Support Program. Calgary Flames Foundation marquee programs include the Calgary Flames YMCA Grade 6 Program, the Rotary Flames House, the Flames EvenStrength Program and Community League, scholarship programs more. The Calgary Flames Foundations endevours to support various mental health initiatives through the Hockey Talks program and game which includes support of I Got Mind, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Kids Help Phone, Distress Centre and many more.



The Jax Mac Foundation was created to carry on the legacy of Jaxon MacDonald by providing youth the exposure to experiences and opportunities that provide them ways to learn about themselves and expand their horizon. They recently raised over $30,000 for their cause in their softball tournament, amazing and inspiring work from our friends at the foundation.

Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals Inc.

Operating as a private, family-owned company dedicated to environmental and corporate sustainability, committed to R&D, and always focused on the horizon. We are proud to call mineral rich Saskatchewan, Canada home. The combination of our high quality natural sodium sulphate and our central location within Saskatchewan creates the perfect location for the production of high quality sodium sulphate and efficient product transportation. Over 80 domestic and international customers use Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals’ sodium sulphate in detergents, pulp and paper, glass, starch, industrial enzymes, water treatment and livestock mineral feed. Saskatchewan mining and minerals has been a long time supporter of I Got Mind, our tours, and events, we would not be able to reach so many people without them.