Courses for sports organization

“Creating organizations that value a growth mindset can create contexts in which more people grow into the knowledgeable, visionary, and responsible leaders we need.”

 Carol Dweck

Our Courses

The reason we created this membership is because we have worked with organizations for several years in all walks of life. Sports, Non-Profit, Business and Education.

We have seen several tendencies within these groups. They are tribalistic behavior, when the group is not aligned with the same or similar goals. This causes dissension within the group and the end result is that no one wins.
We see loss of emotional control, ego, which causes issues for some or all.

Our experience and research has show us that if we can teach the parties involved some specific information that the results can drastically improve.

We sit with the organization, have a conversation about the issues, and design the course that would best suit the needs of all parties.

We can follow the progress of each individual, they will receive certification for each course they complete.

It can provide a profound cultural shift within the organization that will enhance the results that each member has.

For More information about our offering please use the booking calendar to schedule a time to discuss how we can help your organization achieve its goals.

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The Benefits

“An Investment in Knowledge pays the best interest.”


Knowing and Understanding are two different things. We create an understanding for the Athletes. about themselves first and then how they can get what they want based on the principles and teachings within the program

Self Confidence

We can never take credit for the achievements of the athletes. They are the ones making the decisions to improve. They are the ones that have to do all the work that is required. Doing all of these things not only creates self confidence, but an understanding of how important it is to keep it!

Time Management

With the workbook we provide in time management, the Athletes are able to see what they have ahead of them. They become more prepared for everything they have to do. It allows them to compartmentalize all that is being asked of the. A balanced performer gives a balanced performance.


Everyone benefits from the commitment the Athletes make to themselves. They are happier, more successful and this affects everyone they deal with on a daily basis. they can control their environment, by being the best version of themselves.


Success in all aspects is the goal. By helping and guiding the Athletes they begin to achieve what they want. As they have success they now want to have more. The process becomes a habit and Success Strategies is something they can use for the rest of their lives.