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Sports do not build character, They reveal it.

I Am Bob Wilkie.

Since 2008 my company I Got Mind has been working with sports teams and athletes throughout North America. Our content and programs have increased exponentially. This was all accomplished by listening to the people we worked with. The team of professionals has extensive experience. The team consists of mental health professionals, former professional athletes and coaches, and parents of athletes. What you can expect is for your team to learn new ways to communicate. To understand mental wellness issues, to increase motivation, and increase personal confidence. Our online learning platform is more effective than it ever has been and makes our programs convenient, effective, and affordable. Below is a list of our course options to meet your needs. Take a look around and when you are ready, book a meeting with me to see how I Got Mind can support you and your organization.

We have program to help athletes, coaches, and parents deal with Covid

COVID 19 has given all of us opportunity. Yes, we are more stressed, anxious, and struggle with motivation because of being isolated, working from home, and loss of our regular way of life. Crisis creates opportunity. We have developed effective new courses to support athletes, coaches, and parents in finding new ways of being productive, motivated, and practicing self-care strategies. Each individual must take responsibility for their well-being, for when we do, everyone involved on the team will be the benefactors.

These are some of our awards, partners and clients.

GO Insurance
Karen Hoflin and here team have been supporting IGM with vehicles for the past two years to help us get on the road and share our messages to communities all across Western Canada.
Alberta Gymnastics Federation
Calgary Buffaloes
We are Proud.
This award means a lot to us as it demonstrates and acknowledges our innovation of content, delivery, support, and forward thinking. In today's world there are more ways to support people than ever before and the technology is what has allowed for that.
Kamloops Blazers
Our First Award
We were so excited to be nominated and win our first award. Especially because it recognized us in the mental health field globally. We work with teams all over North America and it is great to be seen as a leader in the industry.

Issues on the rise and what sport really causes

The Role of Sports

Many athletes tie their identities to their sport. This causes lifelong afflictions. Sport should create confidence, not take it away. Sport should teach how to be in a relationship not destroy them. Competition is meant to teach us to grow through failure, not become terrified by it. Our programs provide education to develop the skills to get the most out of sports. Mental and emotional development is more important than physical development as they are skills that last a lifetime.

Introducing Stress ( One of our most popular mental health courses )

Stress is good for us, when it is healthy

Stress is very complex. It affects everyone differently, it both debilitates and accelerates. It is a killer and a grower. Understanding what stress is, how we can use it to our benefit and what capacity you have for it are all things that prove to be game-changers. If you have a good handle on your stress, this course also provides techniques of how you can begin to communicate with others who you see struggling with it.

Customized to meet your needs

Social and Emotional Learning Programs

Our team at IGM has lifetimes of experience to share. This entire platform and the content within it have been developed to address the needs of the members of organizations. We at I Got Mind have heard our participants and developed the content to best suit the needs of the many.

The Process

Once we have met and agreed on the content, delivery schedule and signed a contract of services, we can dive into the execution. We will hold a kick-off meeting to introduce our team to yours. We will show them how to sign up on the website and create their own individual learning profile so they can access the content. Each week the group is assigned a lesson to complete, then we meet for a facilitated conversation. We do this for each lesson in the course until completion.

Why you should consider I Got MInd

Developing athletes from the inside out

The experience of the team here at IGM is extensive. We have been a part of many teams for many years. Our passion is to provide insight and education that will allow for the true benefit of sport to be experienced. Working with the athletes, coaches, and parents allows all parties to learn how to be better for each other, and for themselves.

What we have found

Some of the major issues within individuals within teams are: Entitlement, lack of personal awareness, poor leadership, hidden agendas, ego and lack of the big picture. We know that when the focus is proper when all are accountable for their behaviour, success will come. It is teaching the athletes these components of what a successful culture is so they become part of their value system that they take with them to every team they are a part of.

A sample of a few of our most popular and effective courses

Meet some of the Professionals of the IGM Team

Dean Sawatzky

30 Year Educator, Coach, Mentor, Leader

Dean has worn many hats in the education system. He has been an athletic director, coach, teacher, organizer, program developer and more. His experience is coaching student-athletes for 30 years in all sports. He has also mentored coaches as a part of his role as an athletic director. Dean's insights are helpful and relatable.

Cory Clouston

Professional Coach (NHL)

Cory has been coaching for over 25 years reaching his goal of the NHL with the Ottawa Senators. Cory was also an exceptional athlete playing for the University of Alberta. His passion for the game and supporting the athletes he coaches is what makes him a great addition to the IGM team. His perspectives are invaluable as an athlete, a coach, and a parent of an athlete as well.

Shawn O'Grady - IGM Mental health Clinician MSW

Director of the Pre-Adolescent Treatment Center of Hull Services

Shawn has his Masters in social work and leads a team of individuals that rehabilitate youth who have experienced severe trauma. He is trained in the Neurosequential Model of Trauma by Dr. Bruce Perry. Shawn is passionate about teaching athletes and coaches what happens to our brains while in competition is valuable because it provides a visual for the athletes, coaches and parents. He is also the parent of two young female athletes.

Caitlin Watters

Register Psychologist Specializing in Education

Caitlin is one of our in house professionals. She works with the Calgary Board of Education as well as runs her own private practice. Her knowledge of the psychological issues individuals can struggle with assists the participants. Cait is a former athlete and the parent of two young aspiring athletes.

Bob Wilkie - President IGM Inc.

Award Winning Entrepreneur and Best Selling Author

Bob is a former NHL player and has won championships as a player and coach. He has coached from youth to pro. He started IGM because of the healing work he did after retirement. A lot of issues he suffered from excessive stress, addiction, self-sabotage and others stemmed from his time as an athlete. his passion is to educate the athletes, coaches and parents on how to get the most out of the experience in sport and develop strategies to deal with all of the challenges that come with chasing the big goal.

Sarah Weninger - Female Athlete

Former College Athlete and Social Worker

Sarah has been a great addition to the team. her experience in growing up in a competitive home and culture is very valuable for the athletes and parents to learn. The struggles she endured are impacting and provide the opportunity for discussion in our facilitations with female athletes.

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