Finding Hope Event

An Evening of Inspiring Stories of Overcoming.


This event is an emotional journey that will share stories from individuals of how they have survived and overcome personal tragedies. The COVID Pandemic has caused many issues for millions of people worldwide. This event will show all attendees how to find hope in the darkest of times. A Mental Wellness discussion that can help shed light on how to get your life back on track.

incredible people

Our speakers

Bob Wilkie

Host - President IGM

Shawn O'Grady

IGM Mental Health Clinician

Kelly Hrudey

Hockey Night in Canada Panelist - Mental Health Advocate

Caitlin Watters

Psychologist - Child Development

Derek Hines

Former US Marine - IGM Facilitator

Shari Gebhard

Retired Teacher - IGM Facilitator

Our Guests

Suzanne Harriman

Surgeon - RTF Hospital Saskatoon

Krista Tincher

Mental health practioner - Foothills School District AB

Ben Thomsen

Olympian - Downhill Skiing

Gerri Harris

ER Nurse Lancaster PA USA

Tony Wozny

Speaker - Red Deer AB

Hope springs eternal

It is human nature always to find fresh cause for optimism.

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Join us live!

Since 2018 the I Got Mind Team has been travelling throughout Western Canada hosting live events to promote mental health and wellness. Since Covid 19 surfaced we have been sidelined. We took time as a team to evaluate the landscape and we simply cannot wait anymore. We will be hosting this live event in February for communities to help them understand why they may be feeling off, what the side effects of Covid may look like, and what they can be doing for themselves to feel rejuvenated again.

Finding Hope Webinar - February 12th, 7 PM MST

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