Our clients are individual athletes, parents, coaches, organizations, teams, businesses, and charities.
Our demographics are all ages, all backgrounds, and all sports. Mental Health is our business and Mental Health knows no boundaries or demographics.

I Got Mind has worked with athletes as young as 7 and CEO’s of million dollar companies. IGM averages 120 presentations a year.

We at I Got Mind specialize in mental health topics and issues. The team is compiled of former high level athletes, mental health clinicians, and psychologists. If we cannot help you, we have a large network of other specialists that we can refer you to.


For 1-1 counseling or mentoring rates vary upon specialty. Any work with our mental health clinicians or psychologists will be covered by health insurance accounts or health spending accounts.
If you are interested in our mentorship these costs are typically covered by health spending accounts but are not covered by health insurance companies.
The goal is to make our programming affordable for all. That being said, we believe in “you get what you pay for”. When we work with you, you have our undivided attention and strive to make sure your needs are fulfilled.

  • Consultations are Free, we always want to enter in all relationships making sure it is a win/win situation. If it’s not a fit, why should either party waste their valuable time
  • If you still have questions, email us, our response time is typically 24-48 hours depending on the time of season