How Can We Help You?

Below is a list of most commonly asked questions.

Who are I Got Mind Clients

  • Our clients are athletes, most are in the program because parents are looking for answers. Agents, advisors and coaches also recommend I Got Mind services
  • The average age of our clients is in the demographic of 15-20
  • I Got Mind does approximately 120 group sessions per year, this includes hockey teams, softball, soccer and businesses

How do I know if I Got Mind can help me

  • If you or your athlete is struggling with self confidence, we can help
  • If you or your athlete is struggling with anxiety, we can help
  • If you or your athlete is struggling with depression, we can help
  • If you or your athlete is struggling with which path to take, we can help
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How much does it cost and is it covered by insurance?

  • For 1-1 counseling or mentoring it is $150 per hour
  • If you would like a team session, please contact us for pricing as each teams needs are different and some require more prep work and discovery than others which affects the cost
  • The goal is to make our programming affordable for all. That being said we believe in you get what you pay for. When we work with you, you have our undivided attention and strive to make sure your needs are fulfilled. We may seem expensive, we believe we are worth it

Other stuff

  • We pay for referrals, anyone who helps us spread the word, well to us that is advertising and we are happy to share
  • Consultations are Free, we always want to enter in all relationships making sure it is a win/win situation. If it's not a fit, why should either party waste their valuable time
  • If you still have questions, email us, our response time is typically 24-48 hours depending on the time of season