Delivering hope through awareness and education for a brighter, mentally healthy future for Canadians.

Our Mission

Our Mission at I Got Mind is threefold:

  • To raise awareness of the mental health issues that are prevalent in Life, in particular the areas of Sport (athletes, parents, coaches), Education (student and teachers), and in the Workplace.
  • To empower our program participants with practical tools and knowledge to make decisions that will result in positive changes for themselves and others
  • To create a continual supply of updated social and emotional education programs for athletes, coaches, parents, sports organizations, schools, and businesses.

I Got Mind courses, programs, and support makes a real difference in the lives of adults and youth in communities across Canada by helping local social organizations, sports organizations and schools.

In 2019-2020, we set out on a tour of the major cities in Western Canada and held events in Calgary and Edmonton, followed by shows in Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, and Kamloops. Our goal, to provide awareness to the real epidemic of mental health, the stigmas that still surround it, and shared our mission to shatter those stigmas and make mental health a common topic of conversation so people can live without shame and guilt and feel comfortable to reach out safely to access the help they need. 

Our aim was to make that reach for help as accessible as possible and meet those people where they were at.

While the Covid-19 Pandemic had slowed down our road tour, it didn’t stop our desire to help! We couldn’t imagine stopping in a time of such great need. We shifted to a virtual webinar series and continued to offer support and education for Mental Health addressing the new and very real issues people are now facing. These new issues have opened the door to better understanding of mental health as those who may not have experienced mental illness previously, are now facing mental health issues of stress and anxiety, depression from isolation and financial hardship from losing jobs or businesses.

We decided to continue our mission and the tour by shifting to a virtual format.  Our virtual events have allowed us to reach even more people who have shown to be increasingly open and comfortable with these conversations sitting in the safety and privacy of their own homes.

We invited local celebrities and public figures, like NHL Broadcaster, Kelly Hrudey, former NHL player Theo Fleury, Former Downhill Ski Champion Karen Lee Gardner, among many others who are also Mental Health advocates, to join us in sharing their stories which others could relate to and learn from as they work towards their own coping, healing and growth.



Corporate Donations

A corporate donation is a simple and efficient way to demonstrate your corporate and social support right in your own community.

  • Receive a tax receipt for your philanthropic gift through our non-profit partners at Hull Family Services.
  • Enjoy local, provincial and/or national recognition relative to your contribution.

Employee Giving

Engaging your employees in support of I Got Mind and Mental Health education is an effective way to make a real impact together through the work we are able to do with funds raised from your employees.

Supporting a social cause through a Company also enhances employee morale.

Ways to engage your employees include:

  • Payroll deductions
  • Matching gift programs
  • Company-run fundraising events

Personal and Family/Legacy Donations

Philanthropic donations are graciously accepted and greatly appreciated. You may choose for your dollars to be placed directly in to the education and support of a group of your choice, or by allowing IGM to direct your dollars to a group in need.

To become a Corporate or Personal/Family Donor, please contact us at i[email protected] or click here (insert link option) 


Corporate Sponsorships

I Got Mind offers a variety of Corporate Sponsorships suited to all types and sizes of companies and organizations.

Our sponsorships are created with a win-win philosophy in mind to enable you to meet your business objectives, have a social cause to Champion, and maximize your investment and exposure while providing education and support to those in need.

Sponsorship opportunities include a variety of events with varied levels of exposure, some at local, provincial, and national levels.

Sponsorship of the I Got Mind Webinar series and other initiatives allows for money generated to pay for the delivery of these valuable courses to generate awareness and education and will directly impact your choice of sports organization, school, or other vulnerable group or individual.

Sponsoring a community event will allow for sponsorship dollars or donated funds to stay in that community to educate and build hope and resilience towards a brighter future.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Media Sponsor

Digital/ Print/Electronic/Radio/Newspaper Advertising –

Your brand and message will be visible on all media we jointly agree to apply your sponsorship dollars to in the promotion of our in-person and/or virtual events.

Your Company may choose the specific event(s) you wish to Sponsor based on geographic and demographic reach appropriate to your business clientele or other factors you choose.

Event Sponsor

This portion of sponsorship is negotiable. If you feel it is something you would benefit from, we can add it to your package. Our web and social media platforms are growing rapidly and will continue to do so as our exposure grows.

Course Development Sponsor (Education)

Course Sponsorship is available 

THANK YOU to our existing sponsors and donors