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Our imagination holds great power, how we use this power changes as we go through life. This course will help you tap into the power within your own mind to create new and better ways of thinking, feeling and finding purpose.

What you can expect in this course

The imagination is a very powerful tool, an ability that we all possess. However, it is something that most of us don’t understand how to control.

“Imagination is a manifestation of our memory and enables us to scrutinize our past and construct hypothetical future scenarios that do not yet but could exist.” – Dr. Murray Hunter, University of Malaysia Perlis

When we think about things, our minds can become overactive. We think about the unknown, our past pain and then we sometimes create all sorts of troubling outcomes.

One of Bob’s teachers Dr. Wayne Dyer stated, “There is no such thing on this planet that is stress, there is only stressful thinking.” A powerful and true statement.

It is we who create our stress and then we blame it on others, but often it is just our imagination at work. Creating in our lives what we are imagining.

In this lesson you will see how quickly you can make something become crystal clear that was once unclear or confusing.  When we use this powerful mental muscle of ours properly, it is amazing what starts to transpire.

Learning Objectives :

  •  To create awareness of the power of our imagination
  • To educate about how our imagination works
  • To create action steps and ideas to activate your power to get closer to the success you desire

Albert Einstein

Mental stress, mind pressure. Negative brain overload.

Lesson 1 – What is imagination and how to use it

When you were young you would amuse yourself with pretending, creating unreal situations and images. What once kept you entertained and amused became the playground of nightmares and anxiety. When we allow our minds to run away from us, it can cause all sorts of issues.

The power of imagination has created all that we see in the World today. Imagine a time with no cars, phones, movies, televisions, not even lights! If you look back into history all of these things came from the minds of humans. It was dissatisfaction that created motivation to explore what was once not there.

There are many times we stop using our imagination and rely on our experience instead. But our experiences limit us where our imagination does not. It is time you understood your power and started using it to create what you desire.

“I know that it works, for it was the picture I held in my mind until I became what I imagined, an NHL hockey player, author, business owner, pilot.” – Bob Wilkie, IGM President


Lesson 2 – How you have used it

We have added several videos for you to watch and learn from about the power of visualization and imagination. They offer great insights and include several different methods.

It is important to find what works best for you. Here are some ideas to get you going.

What is now proved was once only imagined.
William Blake

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Introductory Video to the course


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