The Fun Factor

I want to start by asking a simple question, and it is for the player, the parents, the coaches and the volunteers.

On a % ranking, out of 100, how much fun are you having as a participant in the game.

Let me make it a little clearer, for the players first. Guys out of the five to six days that you have events, how much of that time are you actually having fun?

Parents, since your responsibilities are not only hugely important but time consuming, out of your week, how much of the time are you having fun?

Coaches, same question to you, how much of your volunteer time that you are spending is FUN?

Since the beginning of the year I have seen more than a few players, parents and coaches struggling. Players having thoughts of quitting, coaches struggling with performance (namely inconsistency), parents not liking the way the coach is doing things etc. All of this focus is on the things that make us unhappy, no FUN!

For the players it is up to you to make it enjoyable, your frustration often times is that you want others to make it fun for you. How’s that working for you? Don’t wait, if you can’t find a way to have fun day in and day out, even if it is a little bit, then it will be a long year.

Your motivation dies, your passion dwindles, your commitment goes out the window. Not only are you upset, your parents and coaches are as well, all because of a choice that you made to wait for someone else to make it fun for you.

Parents, if you struggle watching a lack luster performance, or if the playing time is not what you want or hoped for, don’t take it personally. It is not about you, you need to be able to disassociate yourself so that you are not voicing frustrations on the ride home.

Coaches, well, this is a tough one. If the team is not performing well for you, you must look at you first. If they are unmotivated and not working hard, how are you motivating them? Do you know what motivates each one?

Here is a great quote from the Great One, “The only way a kid is going to practice is if it’s total fun for him… and it was for me.”
Each day is tough enough with all we have to do, this GAME is supposed to be fun, no matter what level. Watch the games on TV, the teams who are successful are the ones having FUN!

Watch your fun meter, keep it light and enjoy both the good and the bad, it is about the experience, it is about what and who they are becoming through the experience. Having FUN makes it a whole lot easier.

See you at the rink!

Bob Wilkie


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