New beginnings represent growth represent opportunity everything that we’ve done in our life we’ve had to start at some point, learning to read learning to write, and learning to walk. Learning to be in relationships, learning to manage expectations, learning to have responsibility.

Every one of these was a new beginning and the cool thing about new beginnings is we can have them a lot. The unfortunate part is a lot of people tend to get stuck in comfort zones where they don’t want any new beginnings. “I’ve got it so it’s manageable right here. I’m not overly happy with it. Actually I’m quite upset with it but I’m scared to death to go and try and start something new”.

You know you talk to people who are older and they’ll always make the joke where you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well it’s not the truth. It’s simply a mindset. And when we talk about mindset we’re going to talk about a couple of different things that are really important.

If you’re struggling with any kind of new beginning that’s in front of you. This is really important! You need to understand if you’re struggling to take a leap and a risk to start a new beginning, it’s very important that you pay attention to what we’re going to talk about.

In my life I’ve had lots of new beginnings, I’ve always been a risk taker. You put me on the edge of a cliff and show me what the benefits are to jumping, and I’m going to jump. You know that frustrates a lot of people. It scares to death a lot of people, but for me it started at a young age and I learned that if I wanted to get where I wanted to go I knew that I had to jump! A lot of those jumps were unsuccessful. They were painful but you know when I look at where I’m at now and everything that I’ve learned I’m thankful.

New beginnings are new opportunities and there’s some real tricks to be able to step into a new opportunity and to do it successfully.

The first thing is you have to have patience. More than anything when you’re taking on something new is you have to have patience. It’s like a book. You know it takes a while for the story to get going and you can wonder why you started it. Before you know your four chapters in and you can’t put it down!

It’s the same thing when we do it in our life. It’s can be like second guessing yourself every day. You’re quite unsure you and can become quite frustrated. What happens is we get in the wrong mindset, and we really need to stress that having a proper mindset.

When you’re stepping into a new beginning it is absolutely critical if you’re a student going into university and you’re scared to death to leave home and go to school and be on your own. Great. What are you going to do? How are you going to manage yourself? How do you manage your time? There’s so many opportunities to grow and to use the experiences that we have so have patience.

The second one is understanding that failure is going to play a big part in this new beginning. You’re not going to get it all right all the time. Nobody does. One of the biggest mistakes that we make in New Beginnings is we just automatically think we’re gonna be able to step into the light and we’re going to be raised a level and everything’s good. Well there’s going to be things that we have to learn. It’s just foolish to step in in any new beginning and automatically assume that we know everything we need to know. There’s no way that’s possible. There’s too many variables in everything that we do.

Patience, and then understanding failure.

The third one that I think is really important that a lot of people maybe don’t understand is just that perseverance thing and perseverance. So I was listening to Dr. Bruce Perry (renowned specialist in childhood trauma) and he said “You know there’s there’s different forms of stress, there’s a negative side of stress where there’s anger and frustration and resentment. What that causes is trauma, which can cause some severe mental illness. And then on the other side there’s there’s kind of that controlled chaos where you know we have a plan but it’s stressful. We were in a safe place. We have a strong tribe. And what happens is that type of stress creates this thing called Resilience.”

Well, every time we have a new beginning we have an opportunity to grow. What are we growing? It’s our skill sets. And when we talk about our skill set we’re talking about how we manage ourselves. How we deal with people. How we deal with ourselves. How we manage tasks, how we set goals. I mean there’s just so many different things that go into a new beginning.

A positive mindset and managing stress really does help create some resilience. If you control that stress, if you manage that stress, if you’re aware of that stress you can have a great new beginning.

If you’re not aware of that stress, it’s going to grow, and it’s going to turn into something very traumatic. A lot of people would label that as a bad decision, or a failure. It could cause thoughts of “, which a lot of times it’s just us internally starting the pity party.

New Beginnings are fantastic! New beginnings are absolutely necessary and new beginnings are a big part of life.

For somebody out there that would want to not have any new beginnings really simply means that they’re not they’re not living life. Life is about experience. Life is about going out there and seeing and doing and challenging and growing and just so many different things. If we do it in a controlled way, that stressful new change can really help you develop a strong skillset, which is resilience.

Life is hard. And I don’t care what you’re taking on, any new beginning can be quite stressful. And if you’re managing that stress you’re going to develop that resilience. Patience, failure and perseverance are keys to stepping into any new beginning with a successful outcome.

Good luck in your new beginning!

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