Making Sense of the Non- Sense



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Well the last 2 weeks have seen the World turned upside down and come to a screeching halt.

In a time on the planet where everyone goes 110 MPH 24/7 the Corona Virus has stunned the masses and left them scratching their heads, running for the exits, or simple sitting stunned.

Humans often have to make sense of the things they experience. Watching a magician do what seems impossible will make you try to make sense of what seemed impossible.  Rarely do we accept what happened, we simply have to make sense of it.

While we try and make sense of the things that have happened to us we can do a lot of damage mentally to ourselves. We end up anywhere but the present. We live in the past, the future and the nowhere or “rabbit hole”.

This process leads to doubt, anger, confusion, sadness and more. This is not the mindset that we can manage ourselves in. The illusion of control that we all feel that we have is realized, we have no control, and that scares us to death.

In this lesson we will share why we tend to try to make sense of things. This current pandemic has people reeling and trying to make sense of what just happened.

We know that this talk will help you, or if not you, maybe somebody you care for, someone close who is going down the rabbit hole.