The WHY...

We put together this event because we have seen a significant change in the athletes, the parents and the coaches within sport.

There are higher levels of stress and anxiety in the athletes and parents. We have seen many cases where athletes at age 10-11 are dealing with stress and performance anxiety. This causes the parents to become stressed and fearful. It has caused the coaches to be anxious and frustrated.

This all leads to a place where the emotions are negative. It takes away from the positive experience we all want with sports.

We shed light on why we have "Lizard Brain", and why and how to achieve "Wizard Brain". We share stories and information that as our attendees have stated, "changes the way we think about things."

  • Knowledge is Power

    The Team’s personal experience is invaluable and will help you gain insights you need to have.

  • Time to build a Community!

    The perception of Mental Health still has a negative stigma. Time to shed that perspective and learn critical information that can help.

  • See for yourself.

    The event is an eye opening experience. It will entertain you and educate you. You will not want to miss this event!

What people are saying about the tour event.

  • I went to the mental health session last nite and was very impressed with the message. EVERYONE has had some form of mental issues, PTSD, in their life and should have been there to here Bob Wilkie and team say that it wont be resolved until one allows themselves to open up and talk about their feelings about what happened, for a beginning to the "overcoming" process. Being vulnerable to judgement, or even worse being denied, is very fearful but a necessary part of healing! Meaghan has a heart wrenching life story but has amazingly overcome and become a world champion martial arts competitor now owning her own business but also is involved with this mission, "I Got Mind", to help others get out of the quicksand of defeat. Gentle, beautiful, confident, vivacious and genuine!
    From our Killam Event
      From our Killam Event
  • If you made a list of things to do in 2019 - add one more and attend an IGOTMIND presentation! there is nothing more powerful than people sharing their own stories! Mental Health is real and thanks to all of you more people will be talking about it in Edmonton! Thanks so much!
    From our Edmonton Event
      From our Edmonton Event
  • Such a great presentation. Wizard vs Lizard. Such a great visual break down of how our minds can work. Every coach and player should take the time to see this! Thank you for stopping in Regina!
    From our Regina Event
      From our Regina Event
  • Thanks again for having us as part of your “I’ve Got Mind” tour for the UBC student-athlete population.  Your story was truly powerful and will undoubtedly have an impact on many people.


    From our UBC Event
      From our UBC Event
  • They talk to the people, not at people, easy to comprehend . Relatable across age groups, personal experiences , and the honesty was amazing. we are all a work in progress, and this presentation encourages to reduce the stigma of anxiety, depression , and be able to talk about not being OK. Asking for help, and nurturing hope. probably hands down best mental health discussion/presentation I have been to.
    From our Red Deer Event
      From our Red Deer Event

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