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  • Is your athlete struggling?

    At the early age of 13, you can start to see mood changes and they can begin to withdraw from interaction from others. A sign something is up. It can begin the experience of depression which leads to other mental illnesses.

  • Is performance an issue?

    We see in young athletes inconsistent efforts and performance. They try to do their best and because they are inexperienced they fail more than they succeed. Tough in a World where they are always judged by their last performance.

  • The Home Team

    For anyone who plays on multiple teams, school, club, work, etc, if the home team is not functional it will be a huge challenge for them to be successful on any of the others teams they are a part of. The Home Team must be aligned, supportive, and a safe place to fail and learn.

  • Communication is a Key Performance Indicator

    If we do not communicate well, that means listening, thinking before we speak, having a desired outcome, things spiral quickly. An athlete tends to not speak the truth, to cover up and make excuses for performance below expectations. A dangerous mindset to be in.


  • The I Got Mind Team - Calgary

    From left Bob Wilkie, Kerrin Lee-Gartner, Shawn O'Grady, Caleb Wyrostock, Kelly Hrudey.
  • The I Got Mind Workbook

    Each participant receives a workbook for the evening to take notes and great information to take home. (Sponsorship Opportunities here)
  • Bob Wilkie - President of I Got Mind

    Bob's telling his story of the trauma he encountered on his journey to the NHL and how he became Mentally Ill.
  • Shawn O'Grady - Mental Health Specialist

    Shawn O'Grady brings his experience in the mental health field and explains to participants what happens to our brains when we encounter the challenges as an athlete, parent, or coach.
  • The Panel

    The Panel shares personal experiences and tips and tricks to overcome mental illness and create mental health. Powerful and emotional segment of the show.
  • Sponsorship Opportunites

    In order to execute a live show takes a lot of planning and support. If you are interested in sponsorship, email to see how your business or organization can support this great initiative.
  • The Merchandise

    We are creating a National team by going across this great Country and each show we will have uniforms for participants to join our team. Proceeds go to KidSport.
  • Great for teams!

    Calgary Royals bantam aaa team and families were in attendance. Great to have you all a part of this beginning.
  • Kelly with a group of students from SikSika

    We were proud to have 27 students from The SiSika Nation on hand for this event. They were happy to meet Kelly.


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  • Knowledge is Power

    The Team’s personal experience is invaluable and will help you gain insights you need to have.

  • Time to build a Community!

    The perception of Mental Health still has a negative stigma. Time to shed that perspective and learn critical information that can help.

  • See for yourself.

    The event is an eye opening experience. It will entertain you and educate you. You will not want to miss this event!

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Mental Performance Coaching to Make a Greater Impact

I Got Mind's Founder Bob Wilkie.

Bob is a native Calgarian and one of the few to reach his dream of playing in the NHL. He has authored a book (Sudden Death), learned to fly in Alaska, and won Championships at many levels.

For the past 12 years Bob has been working with athletes and their families helping them navigate the challenges of being and Elite Athlete. He has spoken in front of all sport groups throughout North America.

Bob's passion is to educate as many people as he can about Mental Health. He has assembled a team of professionals to do a Country wide tour. This tour is about enlightening, educating, and entertaining all who attend.

If you have struggled, or are struggling, if you think things are going along well, you need to attend. If you are not directly affected by Mental Health challenges, you may know others who are, and this evening of information will help more than you can imagine.

The Team

Kerrin Lee-Gartner

Kerrin Lee-Gartner became the first Canadian to win an Olympic Downhill on February 15, 1992 at the Albertville Olympics. It remains the only Olympic gold in downhill for any Canadian skier in Olympic history. She overcame tremendous adversity and defied injuries which could have ended her career.

During her ten year International career, Lee-Gartner proudly represented Canada at three Olympic Games and four World Championships. Over the course of her career she won three Canadian downhill championships and earn 49 top ten finishes at the World Cup, World Championship and Olympic level.


Kelly Hrudey

Kelly not only had a long playing career in the NHL, he is an award winning analyst on CBC HNC, as well as an author.

Kelly has always supported I Got Mind and it's passion to help athlete's with the Mental challenges they face in trying to reach their goals.

Kelly shares his story of dealing with Mental Health while being and athlete as well as a parent.

Shawn O'Grady

Shawn is a father, husband, and an expert Mental Health Clinician. His work for the last 20 years at Hull services has been impacting young people find answers to a mentally healthy way of living.

His recent work with Dr.Bruce Perry a World renowned Child Psychiatrist dealing with childhood trauma allows him to share the training with teachers, coaches and parents.

Shawn's passion for Sport and helping young people is contagious. The science he shares behind the issues makes connections for people to see that answers are out there, and a brighter tomorrow is possible.

Caleb Wyrostock

Caleb hails from Medicine Hat. He grew up playing hockey with a dream of playing in the NHL. He has encountered a lot of hiccups along the way.

His story of bullying, stress, and anxiety are riveting for young athletes to hear as well as parents and coaches. He has battled depression and is winning the battle. It is through education that Caleb has found his stride.

He was recently drafted in the WHL draft to the Swift Current Broncos and participated in the Alberta Cup. He is currently playing hockey at NAX in Edmonton as a 15 year old.

Real Comments from Real People

What people we have worked with have to say about us.

  • Anxiety attacks, anger and withdrawing was what was happening to our son. After completing the program Success Strategies we saw a huge change. He’s happier, focused and achieving his goals. Thanks for helping him get to a better place Bob.

  • We looked for a solution to our daughters issues with depression and performance anxiety. It took awhile for her to see results, but she kept working hard on using the new techniques she learned and I cannot say what a difference we have seen.

    If you have an athlete struggling, I Got Mind can help. Thanks Bob!

  • For years we spent money on skill development, camps and the best equipment. However our son was having some issues dealing with pressure and communicating.

    The Success Strategies program changed all that. He is calmer, has a smile on his face and loving going to practice again.

    Best money we ever spent, period! Now he’s Got Mind and we are loving it.

  • The injuries had begun to take their toll. The depression was lasting longer and we feared for our daughters well being.

    After a few sessions we started to notice a difference. When she was finished with the program it was like noting had happened. Thanks for allowing us to have a good nights rest again. We are very happy with the results and would recommend this to any parent who has an athlete who is struggling.