The WHY...

We put together this event because we have seen a significant change in the athletes, the parents and the coaches within sport.

There are higher levels of stress and anxiety in the athletes and parents. We have seen many cases where athletes at age 10-11 are dealing with stress and performance anxiety. This causes the parents to become stressed and fearful. It has caused the coaches to be anxious and frustrated.

This all leads to a place where the emotions are negative. It takes away from the positive experience we all want with sports.

We shed light on why we have "Lizard Brain", and why and how to achieve "Wizard Brain". We share stories and information that as our attendees have stated, "changes the way we think about things."

Global TV Press Conference

CTV with Glenn Campbell

CBC Eye Opener Calgary (Bob & Shawn)

CBC Evening News Calgary

Listen to Kelly's Interview

Kelly Hrudey on Hockey Central

  • Knowledge is Power

    The Team’s personal experience is invaluable and will help you gain insights you need to have.

  • Time to build a Community!

    The perception of Mental Health still has a negative stigma. Time to shed that perspective and learn critical information that can help.

  • See for yourself.

    The event is an eye opening experience. It will entertain you and educate you. You will not want to miss this event!

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Real Comments from Real People

What people we have worked with have to say about us.

  • Anxiety attacks, anger and withdrawing was what was happening to our son. After completing the program Success Strategies we saw a huge change. He’s happier, focused and achieving his goals. Thanks for helping him get to a better place Bob.

  • We looked for a solution to our daughters issues with depression and performance anxiety. It took awhile for her to see results, but she kept working hard on using the new techniques she learned and I cannot say what a difference we have seen.

    If you have an athlete struggling, I Got Mind can help. Thanks Bob!

  • For years we spent money on skill development, camps and the best equipment. However our son was having some issues dealing with pressure and communicating.

    The Success Strategies program changed all that. He is calmer, has a smile on his face and loving going to practice again.

    Best money we ever spent, period! Now he’s Got Mind and we are loving it.

  • The injuries had begun to take their toll. The depression was lasting longer and we feared for our daughters well being.

    After a few sessions we started to notice a difference. When she was finished with the program it was like noting had happened. Thanks for allowing us to have a good nights rest again. We are very happy with the results and would recommend this to any parent who has an athlete who is struggling.