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Preparing to Adapt





To eliminate and manage the chaos we can experience requires mental preparation and the proper mindset. In this course, we help you develop new skills to create confidence and enhance productivity.



Workplace Team


What you can expect in this course

This course was designed to eliminate contributors to self-doubt, stress, anxiety, isolation and poor performance.

What we have created will address the issue of chaos in our lives and supply each user with ideas of what they can do to improve through time management, mental preparation and having a proper mindset. A team requires each member to perform to the best of their abilities. This course will open discussion, provide ideas, and share strategies that will create confidence, motivation, and enhanced performance.

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Lesson 1 – Chaos

Chaos is something that occurs in daily life. Getting out the door to go to work can be chaotic. The recent pandemic has made it chaotic as the family is all at home during working hours. Dealing with customers and co-workers having a bad day can create chaos. Not seeing another’s perspective can create chaos. There are many things that can create chaos for you.

Some people thrive in chaos and create it everywhere they go, for others, it can be terrifying. We will discuss all of these issues and how to do some self-reflection so you can manage and even thrive in chaos.

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Adaptability is a great asset to have because life is so unpredictable, and things can change overnight for any of us.

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Lesson 2 – A Prepared Mind

Many of the issues we can struggle with as responsible adults begin with our mindsets. We have learned to be conditioned, in our routine, our work ethic, our values and beliefs. If we do not prepare properly, we can encounter more failure and frustration than we need to. How we manage our time is our responsibility, however, unless you were conditioned to know how to do this, it can be a huge problem.

An open mind is a growing mind. Seeing other’s perspectives is such a valuable skill. In this lesson, we review how to prepare mentally on a daily basis and how to identify which mindset you possess.

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You can't just declare that you have a growth mindset. Growth mindset is hard. - Carol S. Dweck