Reaching Optimal performance









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All athletes

About this Course

My experience as an athlete was difficult. I recall being 13 and having things beginning to become very difficult. My mind, my moods, and my performance were all affected.

Over the years I learned that each year brought on new experiences and with that new issues. When I thought I finally had it figured out, there was a whole new issue to deal with.

This lesson is all about what happened to me, and what has been happeinng to every young athlete who is striving to be the best.

It will help you more than you know as you have new challenges ahead, some positive, some not. But educating yourself is critical to being able to overcome all that you will face.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand yourself better
  • To learn what will happen to you
  • To develop ideas of how you will use this information to your benefit
  • To learn how to process your emotions and why that is very important




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