Knowing Your Child Part I

The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.




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About this Course

This course contains two valuable lessons. Trauma and The Power Differential. Two things which can not only frustrate your child, it can frustrate you. These are two topics that scare us a parents. We strive to protect them from the pain we encountered, however this is an unrealistic expectation. We will share ideas and give you things to watch for as your child participates in sports and school.
The trauma children can suffer is often misunderstood as well as the effects it can have long term. The more we can inform and support them properly, the more we can help them as they face the challenges that lay ahead.


Knowing Your Child Part I


This course is about gaining an understanding of some of the major issues we see with young athletes. This course will give you the parent, insights to the Power Differentials their athlete can struggle with. It can lead to traumatic events that lead to unsafe stress, anxiety and depression.

The athletes of today are living in complex times and face many challenges. Understanding trauma and power differentials can create strength and confidence, and they will need your leadership to help them navigate.