Knowing Your Athlete

“I have coaching friends, and when we get together, we often talk more about what we’re doing to get players’ attention than we do about the fascinating X’s and O’s of our sport.”  Tony LaRussa




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About this Course

This course contains two valuable lessons. Trauma and The Power Differential. Two things which can not only frustrate your athletes, it can frustrate you. These are two topics that can help you understand the athletes on a personal level.
The trauma athletes can suffer is often misunderstood as well as the effects it can have long term. The more we can inform and support them properly, the more we can help them as they face the challenges that lay ahead.


Knowing Your Athlete Coaching Course


This course is designed to assist the coaches of today to understand the athletes of today. Most coaches coach as they were coached growing up. Because it is a new role it is important to learn new skills.
The most important skill we have identified is for the coaches to understand the athletes as people first, athletes second. These are young minds that need to be molded, that need to have a coach who helps them develop the character first. The mental component of development is overlooked and undervalued. However, it is the mental strength and character that the athlete absolutely requires to physically do the work.
This course, will help you as the coach, understand the power you have. If used correctly, it can create the opportunity for the athlete to learn, if used incorrectly, it can cause trauma which can lead to bigger mental health issues. These two powerful lessons of the Power Differential and Trauma are critically important for you to learn and understand. Knowledge is nothing without understanding. Understanding is being able to do it. It requires a high level of awareness on your part as the leader. They have put all of their trust and belief in you to make them better. This course will help you start on the path of becoming the coach that changed their lives for the better.

Personal Coaching of Knowing Your Athlete


This offering is to help you understand the concepts of this course to its fullest. With this option you will get access to the course as well as a one hour coaching session at the completion of the course. We will review what you have learned and have discussion around how you will implement the material.

We have for over 20 years supported coaches in all sports throughout North America. We are the unemotional third party that helps you see what sometimes you cannot. Make sure you take notes during the course so we can answer any questions you have specifically.

Once you purchased this course, you go to the book now page in the header of the website. You will book a 1-1 coaching session. Choose the time that is available and that works with your schedule. Once you have completed this you will receive an email within 24 hours with the specifics of the meeting. We use Zoom for all of our meetings. You will need a phone or computer that has a camera and microphone. If you have any other questions please email