Knowing Your Athlete p. Ii

I’m coaching ‘swing at this, don’t swing at that,’ and in the middle of it, a kid looks at me and says, ‘Coach, I think I’m going to fail history.’ Or maybe their girlfriend just dumped them. These are kids, and once I embraced that, this became a lot more fun.

Tony Gwynn





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About this Course

In this Century we are seeing a major shift in how people talk with each other, how disconnected we have become and the issues it is causing. Too often good coaches stop coaching because of the issues they have to deal with.

 This course will help you understand some important aspects of the athletes of today. Learning about what they are feeling, what they need and helping them understand how to make the wants become goals.

It is a powerful 4 lesson course that sheds light on the power of the environment, assessing behavior and setting expectations that are clear and acheiveable.