2018 I Got Mind Spring Hockey Camps

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  • Confidence is King

    Finding the confidence within us all is a hard thing to do, especially in sports. I Got Mind specializes in helping the athlete develop their confidence and how important it is to keep and protect it. Also, how to find it when it disappears.

  • Skills are Vital

    The skills an athlete has determine so many things. We teach the skills, more importantly we teach the athletes to how to work on those skills. With each improvement they make their confidence grows.

  • Communication

    Our team has great communication skills. We talk to the athletes in a respectful way. This program is about TEAM. Every year we learn more about the athletes of today and it is only because we gain their confidence by speaking with them, not to them.

  • Work Ethic

    We paint a very clear picture for the athletes about work ethic. Each session we have them judge their work ethic. They start to make the connection between results and work ethic, a very important lesson they need to learn.

  • Fun!

    They need to love the game. They can only love it when it is fun. We have a great time together, we create a safe atmosphere where they can learn and make new friends. The game of hockey does a great job of giving us that opportunity.


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    Spring Calendar

    This is the PDF of the calendar with all times and locations for you to download.

Spring Camp 04-05

18 practices

5 Scrimmages

3 Mental Training Sessions

    Spring Camp 03-04

    18 Practices

    5 Scrimmages

    3 Mental Training Sessions

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