I Got Mind's Spring Camp 2017

Bantam Players Wanted!

Starts April 3rd

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.


  • The coaching staff ensure that the kids learn in a fun creative environment and most importantly the kids look forward to going every time.
  • Bob and his team are wonderful, kids come out of the practices with a positive attitude, and they cant wait for the next session.
  • My son loved it! Both the on-ice and off-ice sessions. He often spoke about 'calming the voice in his head'. At an age where parents advice is not always appreciated it was great to have adults that he liked and respected reinforcing such positive values and attitudes. So many sports activities ignore the main reason we put our kids in sports - positive character development and good fun! He has already asked me to sign him up for next year. Thank you Bob and Team.
  • The mental sessions were more important than the ice times. The mental sessions are life lessons that go well beyond hockey.

  • Confidence through skill development

    Players struggle with performance and confidence issues because in their minds they feel they are not as good as others in performing certain tasks. This is the foundation of our teaching, we know that by strengthening the areas where they feel they are weak, they grow their self confidence. This is the most important area of development for any player.

  • The Fun Factor

    During Bob’s career he learned that when he was enjoying being at the rink and doing the work, he was much more successful. We create this environment and it starts in the locker room and onto the ice. We show the players how to interact, how to allow themselves to be themselves. Being comfortable within the group is necessary so they will push themselves on the ice. We encourage failure, we also teach that it is only by failing that you can get it right. If they feel safe with the group they will grow much faster than if they don’t.

These spring sessions are to prepare the players for the next level, as well as identify and improve any weak areas of their game. We create a fun and productive atmosphere that keeps the players excited and engaged in their career.

For age groups 2002-2003. (1st & @ 2nd Year Bantams)

We will have a combination of practices (16) and scrimmages (6) for a total of 23 ice times.

We are in search of 12 forwards, 8 defence and 4 goalies to participate this year.

We will also have 3 classroom mental training sessions and workbooks are included.

All ice times are listed below.

Cost is $1250.00 and includes a reversible jersey.

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The details

Here are the dates and times of our practices and or scrimmages.

For 2002-2003 Birth Years.

All times are PM.

April 3rd 7:30-8:30 Henry Viney

April 6th 7:30-8:30 Henry Viney

April 8th 4:30-6 Maxbell(Scrimmage)

April 10th 7:30-8:30 Henry Viney

April 12th 8:30-9:30 Southland

April 17th 7:30-8:30 Henry Viney

April 19th 8:45-9:45 Southland

April 22nd 4:00-5:30 (Scrimmage)

April 24th 7:30-8:30 Henry Viney

April 26th 8:45-9:45 Southland

April 29th 4:00-5:30 Southland (Scrimmage)

May 1st 7:30-8:30 Henry Viney

May 2nd 8:30-9:30 Southland

May 6th 4:00-5:30 Southland (Scrimmage)

May 8th 7:30-8:30 Henry Viney

May 11th 4:30-5:30 Southland

May 15th 7:30-8:30 Henry Viney

May 19th 6:00-7:00 Southland

May 23rd 6:00-7:00 Southland

May 25th 4:15-5:15 Southland

May 29th 7:30-8:30 Henry Viney

May 31st 8:45-9:45 Southland

June 1st 4:15-5:15 Southland