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Whatever industry, sport or organization you are in I Got Mind can help your team perform in a new and more productive way.

We are teammates in all that we do. At home, work, sport, friends etc, always a teammate. I Got Mind helps individuals realize how to do things better, to be more supportive and productive.

Being a part of a team is not an easy thing, success is always expected, however it is rarely accomplished. Want to be more than a .500 team. Give us a call, we can help!

  • The Comfort Zone

    We all have spent time there, most of us never get out of it. It is like quicksand, the longer we stay the less chance of personal success we have. We are habitual and as we age we resist change more and more. This is a major danger zone for any company to be in.

  • Wakey, Wakey!

    It is time to shake off the cob webs and get back to feeling successful. Most companies we work with need a shot of inspiration. The day to day grind becomes difficult to overcome. Wake up to a new way, wake up to the possibilities of success that are being overlooked.

  • Game On is a life saver

    Over the years I Got Mind and its founder Bob Wilkie have encountered all walks of life. The common theme is that everyone is looking for someone to provide insights, motivation and inspiration. We cannot do it alone, I Got Mind specializes in helping teams be better by learning how.

  • Unlocking Potential Daily

    I Got Mind is dedicated to helping teams and its members SEE their potential. It is imperative that each member of the team be able to look in the mirror and ask, “Am I doing all that I can to help the team be successful?” Creating a win/win relationship is the only way to get what you need out of your job!

Here is a video with more information about some of the corporate program I Got Mind offers.


  • Game On Brochure
    Game On Brochure

    Download our brochure for more insight into how I Got Mind can help meet your needs.

I Got Mind offers Lunch and Learns with several topics. This is one of the most powerful learning and teaching opportunities. The ability to interact and exercises reinforce the learning material. I Got Mind has been very successful with the Lunch and Learn Series. This is mapped out before hand to address all of the issues within the company. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK.

Over his career Bob has won several championships including the Memorial Cup (Canadian Junior Hockey), the Calder Cup (American Hockey League) and the Turner Cup (International Hockey League). In sitting in a winning atmosphere several times with different teams Bob noticed a pattern. It was about the group, they did not always have the BEST SKILLED TEAM, they did however have the BEST TEAM.

Bob has been helping companies such as Bobby Rahal Automotive Group, Saskatchewan Minerals, Investors Group, Wild Rose Brewery, Calgary Industrial Real Estate, Tetra Tech, and Right Management over the past several years to develop a stronger culture. Bob helps teams understand the Power of  Attitude, Communication and Personal Habits. Through addressing the HUMAN ELEMENT, Bob creates a more positive, successful and productive work environment.

These programs have been very successful in making teammates aware of the surroundings, aware of their teammates, and most importantly aware of their performance.

The key to success in any endeavor is to have a positive attitude. If things are going to improve, if change is to happen each individual has to be willing to participate and LOOK at themselves. Game On is about getting on with the way things should be done rather than the ways things are being done. Excuses and Blaming is not conducive to getting what you want, and in order to get what you want the team has to perform. Each individual is responsible for their job and their performance, Game On stresses better team play with better individual play. "If we all do what we are supposed to do, then we all WIN", say's Bob. "The trick is getting buy in from everyone on the team.


Bob has spoken in front of thousands of people over the last several years. His stories of his adventures provide inspiration and touch all age groups. From speaking of Fear and Motivation to The Power of Failure all topics give the crowds something to think about. If you would like to inspire and motivate your team, this is guaranteed to touch them all.

To request a meeting, a phone conversation, or a cup of coffee, send us your info and we will be in touch within 24 hours to see how I Got Mind can help you and your team.


Call 403-988-8501 or

email bob@igotmind.ca

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Past and Present Clients

Planet Clean

Lebanon County Emergency Medical Services

Wild Rose Brewery

Right Management Lancaster PA

HR.com (a great resource)

Vernon Vipers

Investors Group Calgary South

Bobby Rahal Automotive Group

Saskatchewan Minerals

Medicine Hat Tigers

Tetra Tech Engineering Calgary