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A step by step guide to the success you are searching for.


  • Information is critical

    Without information we can’t make decisions. As we become experienced we hopefully learn where to go for information. If you believe everyone, you will fall for anything.

  • Become a Learner

    Successful people we have studied have a consistent habit, they are learners. They crave information, the cannot live without knowing what they need to know. It takes time and is only for the patient. The question is and will always be, what are you willing to do to reach the success you want?


The program consists of many components to create personal awareness.

The program begins with a personal assessment provided by Leadership Management International. LMI is a World Renowned Company and has helped business leaders and companies since the 1960's and the assessment provided shows tendencies in thinking and values. This is a very powerful tool when we are creating new habits, goals and a self image.

The next step of the program is introducing the tools (workbook, time management workbook, and getting registered online for the videos and questionnaires). We also review the assessment to show the student how to use the information and how we will use the information during the process of The Success Strategies program.

The Success Strategies program consists of 7/8 modules.

  1. Habits- we teach the 4 levels of learning and how to change.
  2. Attitude- how to control your thoughts and the power of a positive attitude.
  3. Who Are You- creating a self image is critical in achieving success.
  4. The Bucket List- we begin creating goals and actions steps to reach those goals.
  5. Imagination- the power of thought is under estimated and misused.
  6. Communication- this lesson is very important, listening and speaking is an art.
  7. Focus- how to eliminate distractions and stay on track.
  8. Your Role (Athlete Program)- our roles change with our abilities and often we overestimate where we are at.

The Process for each lesson is in a workbook. The Student reads the information and completes the exercises. Once they have completed the lessons in the book they log in online and watch the corresponding videos and review the workbook while watching the video. The final step is to complete the online questionnaire.

After the completing the lesson a 1-1 online coaching session is scheduled with Bob Wilkie to review the learning the student has absorbed. This 4 step process allows the information to take hold in the student and they can begin to use the information in their daily lives.

It is a powerful program that has had outstanding results.

The lessons in the Success Strategies Program will last a lifetime.


Watch the videos to preview the program.

Success Strategies Introduction

Session 1- Habits Preview

Session 2- Attitude Preview

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    Make the Decision

    In order to achieve the success you want, you have to be able to make decisions confidently. This is your first challenge, what decision are you going to make? How bad do you want to be successful?

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    Contact Us

    Once you have made a decision, then contact us. Give us a call, we are here to assist and guide. If you are willing to commit to you, so are we. is my personal email, my cell is 403-988-8501. No operators or auto responders.

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